Boehner to Sue Obama…Good for Him

Boehner grows some balls and stops whiningJohn Boehner wants to sue Barack Obama because of his tyrannical, kinginess usurping of Congressional power and I agree whole heartedly. I’m not kidding, it’s the most courageous thing I’ve seen a Republican do in the history of politics. In a party full of perpetual whiners, blockheaded bullies, and charlatans someone finally stood up, grew a set, and did something. What’s not to admire?

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Why Edward Snowden is Teaching Us the Wrong Lessons

Edward Snowden, TV starEdward Snowden spilled the beans to Brian Williams to great ratings. However, he didn’t say much new and that’s consistent with his new career as IT guy cum spy.  I like Brian, I really do. What’s not to like? He’s a former firefighter and h Allison Williams’ (Marnie from Girls) Dad. However, his interview only revealed two interesting things: Snowden watches a lot of The Wire reruns and he’s allegedly a spy. But c’mon, revelations?

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George Bush as an Objet d’Art

Bush: Man of Leisure, King George

It’s hard to believe, but George W. Bush was once the second coming of the Stupid Messiah©. Legions of dumb-struck followers predicted a legacy of greatness second only to the Gipper. Today, people run from him like the sight of a boil being lanced on Mitt Romney’s wrinkly, pasty ass. But George still appeals to some. They hold him in such great esteem they’ve cannonized Bush as an objet d’art.

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