Oh Iraq, Our Troublesome Child

Fighting in FalujahOh Iraq, our troublesome child. You are our wayward kid with a drug problem. Always in trouble, and try as we might, undeniably unfixable.

Everyone is both right and wrong to blame someone else. Georges Greater Lesser screwed the pooch like a Great Dane on a Wiener Dog in heat. Obama inherited the family Georges’ steaming heaps of dog poo. But he ran for office to get them so he can’t call backsies now.

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You Say Tax, I Say Penalty; Let’s Not Call the Whole Thing Off

The recent Supreme Court decision on Obamacare has ignited a debate over how the Presidential candidates frame their arguments about the individual mandate. Republicans – despite Romney’s meander toward the “T” word – frame it as a new “tax”. Anti-Romneylans don’t call it a “tax”, but a “penalty”. Is there a difference in practical terms for your average uninsured citizen?

It’s not as though this is a new argument. Bush the Elder made the Romneyesque boner of his career when he gave a rousing speech at the 1988 Republican Convention. The Mother of All Sound Bites was his now famous guarantee, “Read my lips, no new taxes” which would dog him for the rest of his political days – days not unlike those we’re suffering in the run up to the 2012 election.

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We’ve Killed the Exceptionalism That Laid Exceptional Eggs

American Exceptionalism

Back When We Really Were Exceptional

Politicians traditionally like to talk about American Exceptionalism … a lot. Why Mittens has chosen not to, especially on this auspicious day, is a mystery. The argument is a common cudgel when candidates would rather not talk about something and this election is full of things not to talk about.

What many of them don’t know is Joseph Stalin coined the phrase, though not as a compliment. That’s right, George the Lesser, Newt Gingrich, St. Ronnie of Reagan, and dozens more used the term to convince Americans they were special. And they have the audacity to call Obama a commie.

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