Randomness: This One Goes Out to All My Kempsville High Peeps

High school is neither a time nor place, it’s a state of mind” – Frank Zappa

The Horse – Lakeland High School Dreadnaught Band

The Horse Featuring the Percussion Section – FHS Mighty Mustang Band

The Horse – GA Tech Pep Band

The Horse – Cliff Nobles & Co., Rare Vocal Version

Randomness: Religious Crackpotery Style

Jumping the Bear

Presented Without Comment

Religious Crackpotery

The Artsy Fartsy

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Inspector Gadget Gets a Hard-On

Listy Goodness

Those Crazy Japanese

Beware the Machines

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Randomness: Doughnut Brain Style


BEATS ME - Title it.

The Critical Thinking Skills of Your Average Doughnut

Weird Science

Whirr, Click, Clank

Just Plain Weird

Vagina Eye

CAREFUL - Things as not always as they seem. Click photo for more >>

High School Band Drop Outs

Consuming Consumers

90% of Sex is in the Brain(less)

Japan, Oh How We Love Thee

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