White Man in a Strange Land

In CA, Whites are a MinorityAmerica never was the harmonious melting pot we like to imagine. Newcomers have always struggled to find their place in our society. More often than not, they did it by overwhelming those who came before with the same racism and violence shown to them.

Native Americans, Africans, Italians, Jews, Irish, Asians, and many others took their time in the barrel being denigrated and discriminated against. Some, like Native Americans, didn’t survive the onslaught. Others, like the Irish, and Germans moved from being the evil race du jour to members of the middle and ruling classes.

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OK America, Let’s Chill the F*ck Out and Recognize Facts


OK America, let’s chill the f*ck out. We have become a nation of whining babies demanding protection from threats at the cost of basic freedoms. We act on pure emotion before the first piece of evidence or verifiable fact rears its ugly head. Regardless of which side of an issue people take a vast left/right/center conspiracy gets locked into hard heads unable to see the tiniest validity in opposing opinions, regardless of facts.

I don’t know a single person of any race (including an Inuit friend) who hadn’t chosen the “correct” verdict for the Zimmerman trial before the first word of testimony.  And almost all of those verdicts centered around real or perceived racism.

The trial and verdict became almost exclusively about racism, not the murder of a young man. Trayvon got the short shrift. People are already forgetting him as a human being except that he wore hoodies, ate Skittles, and drank Arizona iced tea. He is quickly being reduced to slogans on protest signs and one day soon will end up like Martin Luther King. Rather than living on as wise and courageous man who demonstrated the violence and good in life within the context of his own, King is now only a series of quotes culled from his speeches. I expect more people can quote the famous lines of the “I Have a Dream” speech than can remember how he was gunned down, the name of the man who did it, the city in which it occurred, the extreme sadness of the day it happened, or the sacrifices he made in his real life.

Wearing Hoodies, Eating Skittles, and Drinking Arizona Iced Tea

The trial demonstrated this by ignoring judicial process. A person is innocent until proven guilty, period. The Murder 2 conviction required proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. And for all the talk about who was on top and who yelled for help, nothing other than Zimmerman killing Trayvon and his negligence in getting out of the car like a cowardly lunkhead emboldened by a gun was beyond a shadow of a doubt. That doesn’t mean racism wasn’t involved. It means it couldn’t be proven to the standard the law requires.

Unfortunately, a man who verifiably killed someone with little to no provocation in a situation he could’ve avoided, walked — in part because everyone was so cranked up over what they wanted the trial to be about, they forgot what it was really about. Don’t get me wrong. Racism exists in this country. It is virulent and terrible. Laws are unevenly applied and though I can’t prove it, my suspicion is they were in this case.

There was some evidence to suggest Zimmerman harbored some racism in his walnut-sized brain, but that doesn’t prove it was virulent enough to make him act out. IMO, it had as much to do with an overzealous, lunkhead who couldn’t follow instructions as overt racism at the moment of the crime, but that is conjecture, not fact. Test that hypothesis…who calls 911 and THEN commits murder? Skinheads proud of shooting a black man might, but they would likely brag about it, not try to beat the rap.

Or this story about a military drone crash near Tyndal AFB, FL. As the story comments show, most of the commenters — who normally jaw a lot about crazy, birther-like conspiracies from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity — were every bit as loony as those they criticize.

The Facts: Birtherism from the Supposedly “Reality-Based Community” Crowd

I have some personal knowledge about these aircraft and their missions and tried repeatedly to show the facts. Yet, commenters saw conspiracies ranging from nefarious NSA plots, to intentionally blocking a major highway, to the aircraft looking suspiciously like those from 9/11. It was easy to bat them down with verifiable facts, yet few of them could entertain the notion that the crash was nothing more than a run of the mill aircraft crash. That is the stuff of birtherism from the supposedly “reality-based community” crowd.

I’m not sure when America became such an ignorant place where we base predetermined notions of truth  solely on fears and cherry-picked facts. We aren’t dumbed down, we are all becoming bat-shit crazy, a nation of 350 million Balkan countries of one. We are so fearful that facts no longer matter. That is a very troubling development, scary in fact. The essence of America as a great country is quickly slipping away on the wings of fear and distrust of anything and everything, even those things that happen before our very eyes.

Maybe the wings of that trumped-up “spy drone” are a harbinger of worse things to come.

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Juan Williams: We’ve Become the United States of Wussies

Fear Me

I'M A-SCARED! - Juan Williams' Muslim statement says more about him than it does about Muslims. What the hell is everyone so scared of?

Juan Williams, Fox News contributor and now ex-NPR reporter, was fired for saying he’s nervous when Muslims board his plane. As might be expected, conservatives are howling to yank NPR funding and liberals are saying NPR jumped the gun ala Shirley Sharrod. It’s nice to see we’ve finally achieved bipartisanship by rallying around the notion that NPR sucks – unless, of course, you’re a fan of opera.

When I first heard about this story, the idea that Williams had become some sort of overnight racial profiler didn’t even occur to me. After all, he has a long history of speaking out against racism in its many forms or at least as often as he can before Britt Hume or some other ass cake interrupts him. No, the first thing that jumped into my head was, “What a wuss!”

If Williams is guilty of anything, it’s not racism – it’s his irrational fear of a crackpot amateur videographer living in a Pakistani cave. And if that’s a crime, let’s lock up the rest of fear-crazed America too.

Setting Our Crotches on Fire
So big is our national obsession with fear, that we compliantly allow ourselves to be x-rayed, cavity searched, and deprived of our shoes and belts simply because some idiot mistook his shoe for a candle and another set his crotch on fire.

It seems everyone is terrified of something or someone today. AZ Governatrix Jan Brewer is tremble-kneed over Latinos attacking from Mexico, though curiously not afraid of French Canadians invading Vermont. Sharron Angle is afraid of Canadians so that fear seems to be covered. What a relief, I feared no one would step up for that one. Sharron may also be afraid of Latinos and Asians or someone. They all look alike to her and it’s a tough job so she has to do it.


Obama is afraid of failure, Bush is afraid someone will see he was a carbuncle on the ass of democracy – a hint to the Dub, that cat is already out of the bag. Whites are afraid of blacks. Otherwise brave soldiers are afraid someone might look at their armor-piercing peckers in the shower, but feel much safer if they don’t ask the lookie-loo what he’s looking at and said loo doesn’t tell them. And Sarah Palin pretty much scares the crap out of everyone – except CEOs, who fear no one, but are roundly feared by everyone.

Oh, and Christine O’Donnell is afraid of Bill Maher, though that didn’t stop her from appearing on his show like 357 times to say she was an anti-mastubatory witch.

All Fear, All the Time
Being afraid of Muslims is like saying you’re afraid of Oklahomans because of Timothy McVey or afraid of Coloradans because a zealot whack job killed an abortion doctor there.

To edit a phrase recently uttered on the Fox Fear Network, “Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all terrorists are Muslims, but all terrorists are terrorists” and they’re in the business of scaring the bejeebers out of people. When they’re successful – and in America they’re fabulously successful beyond their wildest incoherent dreams – they win. They get what they want. They want to say, “BOO!” and see 350 million people simultaneously piss their pants…over a poorly-filmed amateur videotape.

Americans really need to get a grip. There’s nothing wrong with prudent precautions, but building a Maginot Line across the southwest is NOT it. I can live with a stroll through a metal detector, though I still don’t like it nor think it does much. I mean when was the last time a turban-wearing Arab showed up for the 3:15 Delta to Sheboygan carrying one of those round Spy vs. Spy bombs?

So what say we all pull up our big girl, big boy, transgendered pants and act like reasonable adults instead of a pack of screaming Campfire Girls because that new Muslim kid down the block keeps trying to put worms down our backs.

Oh yeah, and hire Williams back…with a raise. It’s the least you could do, you pussies.

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