I Am Male

Women on Men: "Men Suck"

There will almost certainly be some hurricane force blowback from this War of the Sexes post, there always is. In fact, a post about male/female relations is the only post over which I’ve received threats of bodily harm – all from women. I’m not complaining about this. I’m not supposed to. I am male.

Jessica Bennett recently penned a Daily Beast article about Hanna Rosin’s new book, The End of Men. The crux of Rosin’s book, and to a degree Bennett’s review, is that men are becoming obsolete in the face of vastly superior female qualities. Bennett doesn’t completely agree, but gets in a dig at men anyway, “Perhaps it’s not the end of men at all – just the beginning of a newer, better version.” Jessica, with all due respect, thanks for implying I’m defective now.

If a man were to say that about a woman they would be branded as a bigot, as well they should be.

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Mitt Romney is a Fatally Flawed Man

The Apple Dumpling Gang

I could not care less about, Mitt Romney’s money. I don’t begrudge him a penny. I do begrudge his highfalutin’ tax breaks and money he hides. You can’t do that unless you have more money than God (or substitute object or belief system of your choice) and because he is convinced, it is his birthright. Though mine? Not so much.

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