Gee Willikers! Who Knew the Super Committee Would Deadlock?

Little Green Committee MenGee willikers, it seems Congress’s deficit “super committee” is having trouble reaching their goal of reducing the deficit $1.5 trillion by their Nov. 23 deadline. Who could’ve guessed a committee of 6 Democans and 6 Republicrats wouldn’t rise above the obstruction in Congress’s bowels to avoid a prolapse in the nation’s economic ass.

The answer: the same dolts who didn’t see the economic implosion coming.

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Bipartisan Pootie Heads

Bipartisan Pootie Headedness

Jesus or Jail, ‘Pay the Pastor on Your Way Out’
Bay Minette, AL Police Chief Mike Rowland wants to let misdemeanor criminal offenders work off their sentences in jail and pay a fine or go to church every Sunday for a year – where they presumably pay the fine off by way of the collection plate.

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