Liar, Liar Earth on Fire

Climate Change Initiative “Combustible”

Whether you believe global warming is caused by humans or not, you can’t argue that it’s a good thing. If you doubt that, wrap your lips around a tailpipe and see just how healthy it is. I’ll be standing right over here with my respirator on.

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Mr. Hankey Explains Global Warming


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Ramdomness: Obamacare Style

Dog Bag

YO QUIERO PURSE - In hindsight, Versace realized their purse would never sell in Middle America. Click photo >>

This Month in the Journal of the AMA

Just Your General WTFitude

What This World Needs is a Good 5 Cent Robot

Ow, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark!

Rat's Ass

HE DOESN'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS - Dick Cheney spent months hunting in the wild, but finally bagged his best trophy closer to home. Click photo >>

You Know that a Career in Crime Isn’t for You When…

And People Wonder Why Americans are the World’s Top Consumers


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