Randomness: Memorable Melodies Style

California Gurls – The Definitive Collection More >>

Omnipotent Poobah’s College of Musical Knowledge

Speaketh Not of the Big Kahuna

There Oughta Be a Law

Talkin’ to Porn Stars Not Safe For Work


You Know You Have Too Much ‘Discretionary Income’ when…

Well, That’s Odd


MOOO! - Holy horny cows Batman!

More Sashimi Than You Can Shake a Chopstick At

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Randomness: Prop 8 Strikedown is Fabulous Style

TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE - You know an issue is good when Sarah calls it 'lamestream'. Bristol has announced she is writing a new book entitled My Two Grizzly Mommas. Click photo for more >>

Marriage Isn’t Just for Crazy Uncles Burt and Ernie Anymore

Montana Fishburne/Chippy D News Updates Update Not Safe For Work

Mmmm Yeah, Daddy Like

The Only Question is Why

Truly ‘Unique People’, if by ‘Unique’ You Mean…

Turd Detergent

GPS SOAP - Just because yout think it's following you doesn't mean it isn't. Click photo for more >>

I’ll Take One of Everything

Robot Army on the March

Boo Hoo



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Randomness: Chippy D. Style

“Invisible Gurls” (Katy Perry vs. Genesis)

Ummm, Sexy

Just Keep Repeating, ‘It’s Only the Internet’

Daikichi Amano Not Safe For Work

Dear Deer - King of the Japanese Weird. Click photo for more >>

Ripley Rolling in His Grave


Free Market or Free of Brains, You Decide

Not the Sharpest Shivs on the Cell Block

Really Japan? WTF?

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