Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil, Using it Unwisely Is

Aside from a built-in bias toward greed, there is noting inherently wrong with capitalism. It takes money to make things work. Money can do good things as well as corrupt. Money isn’t the root of all evil, using it unwisely is.

The issue is when capitalism, or more appropriately, blind capitalists make poor decisions. Capitalism without empathy for your workers, customers, and shareholders is a losing proposition.

Capitalist Absurdism

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When the Upper Class Becomes Victim to Class Warfare

Class Warfare

To hear the 1 percenters and those 99 percenters bent on voting against their own economic self-interests tell it, you could slap a bushy beard and crazy wig on Barack Obama and he’d be the new Karl Marx. That Karl Marx could take a Viennese sachertorte-sized chomp out of their ass and they wouldn’t know him is beside the point.

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Randomness: Capitalism’s a Bitch

Advertising, the last frontier of fresh ideas and art in America. Capitalism has left us a whole lotta’ shite, but you have to admit…sometimes it’s funny as hell.

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