When Candidates Don’t Get Video and Audio Tape

Barack Obama for CNN“BARACK OBAMA REPORTING FROM CAPITOL HILL” – Every politician will run afoul of evil video or audio tape. The good ones will get the hang of it and mostly stay off the Daily Show, the bad ones will get virtually bludgeoned on the evening news.

Six years after noted grifter and late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens showed his impeccable technology credentials by likening the Internet to a “series of tubes”, our erstwhile Presidential nominees struggle with the most basic pre-21st Century gadgets. Gadgets like cameras and audio tape. This is a disturbing trend for a gaggle of walking egos intent on becoming the most audio and video-taped person on the planet.

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Stop the Curse of the Endless Election

Man Bites Dog

Vote for Me! I'm the Ice Cream on Man-Sex Candidate

President Care Bear talks a lot these days about the debt debacle being a self-inflicted wound. True enough, but he failed to place blame where the worst of it belongs – the American electorate. Congress fired the shot to our collective feet, but voters bought the gun, the bullets, and put the gun in their hands.

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