Randomness: Let Us List the Ways Style

10 BEST WORST – All the listy goodness fit to virtually print.

Let Us List the Ways

The Good, The Bad, The WTF?

Glenn Beckerhead

BECKERHEADS UNITE! - Glenn Beck's civil rights rally draws thousands of white people, but only 14 African Americans. Beck called the 'negro' turnout, "proof positive that America's negroes think of me as their Lord and Savior." Click photo for more >>

Not So ‘Lamestream Media’

Legal Briefs (And Boxers)

Aboard the Good Ship Weirdness Maru

Shopaholism is a Sad Disease

Robot Goodness

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Randomness: Prop 8 Strikedown is Fabulous Style

TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE - You know an issue is good when Sarah calls it 'lamestream'. Bristol has announced she is writing a new book entitled My Two Grizzly Mommas. Click photo for more >>

Marriage Isn’t Just for Crazy Uncles Burt and Ernie Anymore

Montana Fishburne/Chippy D News Updates Update Not Safe For Work

Mmmm Yeah, Daddy Like

The Only Question is Why

Truly ‘Unique People’, if by ‘Unique’ You Mean…

Turd Detergent

GPS SOAP - Just because yout think it's following you doesn't mean it isn't. Click photo for more >>

I’ll Take One of Everything

Robot Army on the March

Boo Hoo



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