Romney: Obamunist Encourages Panhandling

Despite conventional wisdom about the decidedly unconventional Republican primaries, Mitt Romney has surely doomed his campaign to failure. Why? Because he’s an unrepentant Obamunist.

Romney showed his true socialist colors at a campaign stop Thursday by throwing a “tithe” toward one of his unemployed campaign workers. Mittens forked out $50-60 (no one was quite sure how much) to Ruth Williams to help pay her electricity bill.

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Rick and Anita Perry: Whaaaa! You’re Bruitalizing Us!

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Erstwhile First Lady, Anita Perry, stepped in to help her goobulent hubby this week by charging Gov. Goodhair is being “brutalized” because he’s a Christian.

On the surface it’s a laughable claim considering the current GOP field has somewhere between 15 and 1000 candidates on any given day. All of them are Christian (except for those dirty, cross-bred Mormo-terrorists). All of them are conservatives. None of them survive more than a week behind the podium. And all of them have 9-9-9 nutty ideas.

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