We’ve Killed the Exceptionalism That Laid Exceptional Eggs

American Exceptionalism

Back When We Really Were Exceptional

Politicians traditionally like to talk about American Exceptionalism … a lot. Why Mittens has chosen not to, especially on this auspicious day, is a mystery. The argument is a common cudgel when candidates would rather not talk about something and this election is full of things not to talk about.

What many of them don’t know is Joseph Stalin coined the phrase, though not as a compliment. That’s right, George the Lesser, Newt Gingrich, St. Ronnie of Reagan, and dozens more used the term to convince Americans they were special. And they have the audacity to call Obama a commie.

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Randomness: Capitalism’s a Bitch

Advertising, the last frontier of fresh ideas and art in America. Capitalism has left us a whole lotta’ shite, but you have to admit…sometimes it’s funny as hell.

Another Day of Wakin’ Up With Poobah in Your Cup Not Safe For Work

If Pee Were Gas People Would Drink Waaaay More Beer

Wait! There’s More! Operators are Standing By!

Halloah Fo Tha Million Dollah Menu – MC Big Mac and the Hamburglars Not Safe For Work

Sex Sells, Yes It Does :-0

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Piehole…

Randomness: Diggin’ ‘Da Beats

The music of today’s modern urban kids is so delightful, so lyrical. Bitches in Bookstores, church is now exciting, no crap for Big Macs, and walkin’ around with your headphones on.

Intellectual Bitches


Yo! It’s No McRib, Fo’ Shizzle

Every High School Has One

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