Ramdomness: Obamacare Style

Dog Bag

YO QUIERO PURSE - In hindsight, Versace realized their purse would never sell in Middle America. Click photo >>

This Month in the Journal of the AMA

Just Your General WTFitude

What This World Needs is a Good 5 Cent Robot

Ow, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark!

Rat's Ass

HE DOESN'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS - Dick Cheney spent months hunting in the wild, but finally bagged his best trophy closer to home. Click photo >>

You Know that a Career in Crime Isn’t for You When…

And People Wonder Why Americans are the World’s Top Consumers


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Randomness: Who Cut the Cheese Style

GIANT BABY HEAD - At 10 lbs. 7 oz. I thought my daughter was big.

GIANT BABY HEAD - When they're awake they're nothing but big cry babies. Click photo >>

How Can You Govern a Country With 246 Varieties of Cheese? – C. De Gaulle

True Crime That Makes You Feel Superior

All-Consuming Consumerism

FILL 'ER UP - The best waaaay of waking up is a robot with a cuuuup!

FILL 'ER UP - The best waaaay of waking up is a robot with a cuuuup! Click photo >>


  • I wonder if this robot can play the theme from Lost in Space?
  • To keep development costs under control, engineers carried their system optimization phase a little too far.
  • Honda shows off its “Hondots“.

Square Pegs Seeking Round Holes

The Inscrutable Secrets of Japan

Pop Culture Without the Fizz

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