Aliens are Another Kettle of Little Green Fish

AliensSome “ufologists” say our sky is rife with massive space ships moving at incredible speeds and burning patches in Mrs. O’Leary’s backyard. I’ve spent thousands of hours flying and rare is the UFO I can’t easily recognize as an FO. I don’t discount that it COULD happen, I’m just saying it HASN’T happened.

Aliens are another kettle of little green fish. Given the infinite number of places for life, I find it nearly impossible to believe we are the only ones. I’m reasonably confident some weird little microbe lives under a rock on Rigel-12. But intelligent life? I’m not so sure.

But who knows? I’m intelligent alien agnostic.

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Right Wingers Don’t Have a Monopoly on Conspiracy Theories

The Dog ConspiracyRight wingers don’t have a monopoly on conspiracy theories. Even chock-a-block with Kenyan Kommunists, fluoride brainwashing, and death panels, their opponents on the left can sometimes be just as single-minded in their demonstrably proven backasswards beliefs.

In July, two QF-4 drones crashed near Tyndall AFB, FL. The F-4s were retired aircraft of Vietnam War vintage, far beyond their usefulness as fighters and sitting in the hot desert at a boneyard outside Tuscon, AZ. Needing real life airplanes to test weapons, the Air Force converted the old aircraft to remotely piloted drones at much lower cost than building brand new ones. There is nothing new in this. The U.S. and many other countries have done the same thing since shortly after WWII. Better drone. Way cheaper. No brainer, right?

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