Privacy Policy

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For the most part, we don’t know who you are and prefer to keep it that way.

Here’s how:

  • We don’t collect any information about you. Since we don’t collect information about you, it follows that we can’t sell it.
  • If you are crazy enough to leave your email lying around in a comment or something, be aware that evil spam bots will most likely harvest it and come after you like a funeral home telemarketer on the trail of a 90-year old. We cannot be responsible for you not practicing “safe computing”.
  • Being an intergalactic publishing enterprise, there are too many privacy laws for us to keep track of. Besides, we’re not lawyers and can’t understand a thing they say anyway. Suffice it to say that you’re covered under whatever laws are applicable to you. Just don’t ask us what they are, because we have no idea.
  • If you do happen to stumble across an official government-like law, it’s highly unlikely we’d prosecute you. And if you’re thinking about prosecuting us, forget it. We have nothing.