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We believe the First Amendment is sacrosanct:

  • We never delete comments – except spam – no matter how insulting or stupid we think they are. We figure if you want to make a fool of yourself we’ll hand you a short bit of rope and stand back to enjoy the fun.
  • We terminate all spam comments with extreme prejudice. If we had the resources, we’d hunt you back to your little hut in Nigeria or Togo or whatever Third World crapheap you use and thump your worthless asses to within an inch of your lives.
  • If you do choose to comment, understand that we may decide to comment back. Don’t be fooled by the down-home quality of this site. We’re no fools. Simply stated, expect to have your ass handed to you on a platter. Or, if you can provide compelling evidence (i.e., nothing coming from the mouths of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, et al), hear us change our mind.
  • Don’t be shy. It annoys the hell out of us when people are too chickenshit to offer their opinions.