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Steve King toxic comments on immigrants

Put Down the Poison and Step Away from the Well!

Steve King toxic comments on immigrantsStep Away from the Well Cantaloupe King

Put down the poison and step away from the well! The Republicans are quite adept at warning the opposition about poisoning the well. In fact, there is an entire website devoted to those warnings. Republicans feel an almost pathological need to throw that out there every time something doesn’t go their way, including the latest immigration brouhaha.

Let me make it clear up front. I don’t agree with every Obama policy, including portions of his immigration order. I don’t always condone how or when he chooses to implement them. Personally, I think doing it now is a political mistake. It could be illegal, but I am not a Constitutional lawyer so I can’t pass judgment on that, though some have opined and it is not a universal opinion that Obama is some sort of felonious Constitutional scalawag. He’s certainly less imperial in his use of executive orders than most other recent Presidents, whether you agree with the reasons for them or not.

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Return to Sender

Immigration Crisis or Refugee Crisis?

Refugree Crisis: The BeastImmigration is one of the most vexing problems in the ever-increasing list of vexing problems in America. It has festered for almost as long as we’ve been a nation and attempts at reform are as successful as Middle East peace talks. It is the albatross around every president’s neck and the cue for every Congress to go on vacation.

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Ben Gurion Airport

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Butt Out

Ben Gurion AirportI feel for you Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, I really do. Israel is getting its ass bombed off and you are understandably upset, which makes it all the more surprising that your objection to the FAA’s no-fly advisory for Ben Gurion is such a big item on your agenda.

Ben Gurion is admittedly the safest airport in the world. El Al is the safest airline. Hell, they even have missile countermeasures — though your spokespeople usually don’t explain they are for different kinds of missiles than those from the Hamas Air Force and not nearly as effective as your average military airplane’s.

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