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I Am Charlie Hebdo, Stand Strong Against the Terrorists

I am Charlie Hebdo

Greta Garbo

July 11, 2000: An Encounter with Greta Garbo

Greta GarboThere are events in everyone’s life that sometimes take on an emotional importance spectacularly out of proportion to their physical limits. When they happen they start innocently, sneaking up on you without the slightest warning. Sometimes it begins with a look, sometimes a feeling, sometimes a smell or sound or stray thought. They sit there in the cob webby back corner of your mind, unimportant and nearly intangible before suddenly blossoming into something very important. It happens frightfully fast – almost thunderously really – like one of those time-lapse photographs of a flower suddenly blooming in the bright spring sun. They start with a wonderful tingling sensation at the back of your neck and end with the certainty that this is a moment, a memory, that will stick with you until you die.

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Steve King toxic comments on immigrants

Put Down the Poison and Step Away from the Well!

Steve King toxic comments on immigrantsStep Away from the Well Cantaloupe King

Put down the poison and step away from the well! The Republicans are quite adept at warning the opposition about poisoning the well. In fact, there is an entire website devoted to those warnings. Republicans feel an almost pathological need to throw that out there every time something doesn’t go their way, including the latest immigration brouhaha.

Let me make it clear up front. I don’t agree with every Obama policy, including portions of his immigration order. I don’t always condone how or when he chooses to implement them. Personally, I think doing it now is a political mistake. It could be illegal, but I am not a Constitutional lawyer so I can’t pass judgment on that, though some have opined and it is not a universal opinion that Obama is some sort of felonious Constitutional scalawag. He’s certainly less imperial in his use of executive orders than most other recent Presidents, whether you agree with the reasons for them or not.

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