Boehner to Sue Obama…Good for Him

Boehner grows some balls and stops whiningJohn Boehner wants to sue Barack Obama because of his tyrannical, kinginess usurping of Congressional power and I agree whole heartedly. I’m not kidding, it’s the most courageous thing I’ve seen a Republican do in the history of politics. In a party full of perpetual whiners, blockheaded bullies, and charlatans someone finally stood up, grew a set, and did something. What’s not to admire?

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Oh Iraq, Our Troublesome Child

Fighting in FalujahOh Iraq, our troublesome child. You are our wayward kid with a drug problem. Always in trouble, and try as we might, undeniably unfixable.

Everyone is both right and wrong to blame someone else. Georges Greater Lesser screwed the pooch like a Great Dane on a Wiener Dog in heat. Obama inherited the family Georges’ steaming heaps of dog poo. But he ran for office to get them so he can’t call backsies now.

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The Cougar of the Acropolis

Monastiraki, where the Cougar of the Acropolis roamedI’ve strolled dozens of markets and bazaars around the world. They roil with people, noise, smells, colors, and dust. One stall sells flokati rugs the next unrefrigerated, unidentifiable fish. Maybe a cat languidly chews on it.

Next door a stall sells bootleg movies filmed straight from the local cinema screen. Sometimes heads in the audience appear. The only constants are the barkers who pull you in, physically if necessary, for tea and transactions.

This is not your Mom’s Walmart.

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