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 Disclaimer: I am a believer in the Second Amendment. I see nothing wrong with gun ownership, providing owners are responsible and are adequately trained and vetted. However, I do have problems with the more strident interpretations of the law, the number of guns in circulation, and the rising, and unacceptably high, tide of gun violence.

A gun control advocacy group, States United To Prevent Gun Violence (SUTPGV), recently created a fake gun shop in New York to dissuade customers from buying “guns with a history”. As advocacy advertising goes it was a stroke of brilliance. The NRA and their allies went bonkers and are demanding arrests for a variety of things. The gun control group was very careful about legality. They sought thorough legal advice beforehand and NY city police stayed on-scene to make sure they did nothing illegal. Prospective customers had to approve the use of their comments in the video.

""Harder Hardball

SUTPGV could have played even harder hardball.  Couldn’t gun control groups link two completely different issues as many of their conservative counterparts so often do? After all, if Republicans can link the missing Malaysian  airliner with Benghazi, why can’t gun control advocates link, say, gun control to abortion?

Gun control advocates could demand legislation and behaviors identical to those used by anti-abortion forces:

  • Require gun shop owners only talk about the positives of gun control during the course of a sale
  • Using the invasive sonogram requirement as a model, require all perspective buyers undergo an anal-cavity search before a purchase
  • Encourage gun control groups to form lines in front of gun shops to harass buyers as they enter the store because it is an essential matter of free-speech
  • To diminish the number of gun shops, require the same industrial fire suppression systems in gun shops ala requiring abortion clinics meet the same standards as hospitals
  • Prohibit victims of gun violence from owning guns in much the same way rape victims should be denied abortions
  • Prohibit gun purchases after trimester-long waiting period

Mutually Assured Destruction

The list goes on and on and therein lies the problem. Back-alley abortions kill pregnant women and terminate the life of a potential child. Even if it were true that guns don’t kill people…people kill people, the same could be said of abortion-related medical instruments. The hysteria over both issues is counter-productive to finding solutions for issues that are emotionally-charged beyond comprehension.

So if we need scorched-earth positions, let’s stop the half-baked measures and go full Cold War on each other. Let’s declare Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) on each other and be done with it.

It is, after all, the way the the Second amendment works.