Blowjobs & Death in the Skies

It seems de rigueur to make spurious connections between unrelated events these days–gays to horse sex or Benghazi to everything under the sun. I call this the Obama Effect — one event, allegedly caused by one person who is both too weak or stupid to accomplish anything and yet so omnipotent as to cause everything.

But of all the whacked out nonsensical connections I’ve ever seen, and they are legion, this one takes the cake: the lack of blowjobs caused Germanwings copilot Andreas Lubitz to crash his airplane into the side of  mountain, taking 149 people with him.

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Gun Control: Playing Harder Hardball

 Disclaimer: I am a believer in the Second Amendment. I see nothing wrong with gun ownership, providing owners are responsible and are adequately trained and vetted. However, I do have problems with the more strident interpretations of the law, the number of guns in circulation, and the rising, and unacceptably high, tide of gun violence.

A gun control advocacy group, States United To Prevent Gun Violence (SUTPGV), recently created a fake gun shop in New York to dissuade customers from buying “guns with a history”. As advocacy advertising goes it was a stroke of brilliance. The NRA and their allies went bonkers and are demanding arrests for a variety of things. The gun control group was very careful about legality. They sought thorough legal advice beforehand and NY city police stayed on-scene to make sure they did nothing illegal. Prospective customers had to approve the use of their comments in the video.

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