July 4, 2014: ‘Murca Celebrates Like Nobody Else

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Nothing brings out the true weirdness of Americans on July 4. The weird, the touching, the profane. It is the one day a year we can all act like nuts and it’s OK with all the opposing nuts. Here’s how ‘Murca celebrated this year.

Redneck Gothic‘Murican Gothic

'Murica Celebrates July 4SHHHH, I Smell Freedom

'Murica Celebrates July 4George and Martha Washington Cross the Delaware


1776 AssPatriotic Douche Nozzles

 Portugese ScumCome On! It’s Only Portugal, We Can Take ‘Em!


Nude and FreeM’Urca Home of the Nude and Land of Swingin’ Free


Full ClipA Good Survivalist is Always Well-Stocked


Full ClipSure, We Got Sumpin’ in a Flag Pattern for the Lil Lady


Full ClipToyotas Smell Good, But Fords Smell Better


Unknown SoldierWe’ve Left a Lot of Men and Women Around the World and There’s Nothing Funny About That


Apple Pie ChartAmerican Pie Chart


Creating a Country Since 1776Fuck Science, In God We Trust


Gun NutsThe Best Way to Protect Your Home from the Gubmint is to Wave a Flag to Trick ‘Em


Freedom BoyFreedom! Woof!


FlagThis is What It’s Supposed to be About


merica-4th-of-july-4Damn the Grass Fires, Bring on the Fireworks!


merica-4th-of-july-6Abraham Lincoln, Bear Hunter


merica-4th-of-july-7World War Chumps Who Have Never Served


merica-4th-of-july-9Leave that Damn Metrical System for the Commies and Liberia


merica-4th-of-july-10Uncle Sam and the Eagle Have Taken a Little Damage Lately



July 4, 2014: A Day that Will Live in Burned Asses After Frank Tipped Over the Fire


the-dar-110Dude! I Don’t Know How to Dance, But I Sure Look Cool Doin’ It


FlaggingJuly 4, 2014: Whatever is Good for M’Urca is Good for Toyota!


Beer BattlewagonThe USS Budweiser Sails Majestically and Patriotically Out of the Local 7/11

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