Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Butt Out

Ben Gurion AirportI feel for you Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, I really do. Israel is getting its ass bombed off and you are understandably upset, which makes it all the more surprising that your objection to the FAA’s no-fly advisory for Ben Gurion is such a big item on your agenda.

Ben Gurion is admittedly the safest airport in the world. El Al is the safest airline. Hell, they even have missile countermeasures — though your spokespeople usually don’t explain they are for different kinds of missiles than those from the Hamas Air Force and not nearly as effective as your average military airplane’s.

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July 4, 2014: ‘Murca Celebrates Like Nobody Else

Nothing brings out the true weirdness of Americans on July 4. The weird, the touching, the profane. It is the one day a year we can all act like nuts and it’s OK with all the opposing nuts. Here’s how ‘Murca celebrated this year.

Redneck Gothic‘Murican Gothic

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