Boehner to Sue Obama…Good for Him

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Boehner grows some balls and stops whiningJohn Boehner wants to sue Barack Obama because of his tyrannical, kinginess usurping of Congressional power and I agree whole heartedly. I’m not kidding, it’s the most courageous thing I’ve seen a Republican do in the history of politics. In a party full of perpetual whiners, blockheaded bullies, and charlatans someone finally stood up, grew a set, and did something. What’s not to admire?

Boehner’s Sop to the Tea Party?

Most people think this is Cryin’ John’s sop to the Tea Tipplers to head off impeachment threats. Others think the suit will go nowhere because the legal case is very weak at best. After all, Obama has done nothing clearly illegal or out of line with what other presidents have done far more often.

Some think SCOTUS won’t grant legal status or may even follow precedent and refuse to take it up at all. Who can blame them? I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of an existential Constitutional battle. It’s the shits.

You can make a reasonable case that his move will backfire with the public or that it’s unlikely the Tea Sippers will take the sop and stop yapping about impeachment.

Obama has exercised his clear Consitutional power, but that doesn’t mean it is fair or proper and many Democrats agree. Co-equals are equals. I think many of his Executive Orders are outrageous myself. We should thank Boehner for challenging unchecked authority using a legal path. It is a good sign he is finally trying to follow the rules and not whine about them when they don’t suit him.

In any case, the suit will certainly take far longer to clear the courts than Obama has time in office. Whatever the suit decides won’t mean anything to Boehner, this Congress, or Obama. It may even become a stinking, albatrossy necklace for a future Republican President who needs to get something done in a pinch. Blowback is a bitch. Just ask, well, Obama.

But let’s give Boehner the benefit of the many doubts. It’s not like Obama hasn’t grabbed some real power. He took George the Lesser’s Executive Orders establishing our out-of-control spy network and ran like a Kenyan marathoner with them. He expanded things in a huge way and there’s no calling it back now. Obama’s Executive Order proclaiming the right to kill Americans at his discretion is dubious too, even if many Republicans agree with it and thereby disingenuously see no issue with it.

But most of Obama’s power grabs came not from a personal lust for power for power’s sake, but as a response to the complete inability of Congress to do anything. Think about it, who would put themselves through the hell he is undergoing unless there was some compelling reason to do so? Trying to extinguish fires at an arsonists’ convention seems pretty compelling to me.

The current immigration crisis is a perfect example. In a rare and stunning display of bipartisan agreement, everyone says the huge influx of kids and mothers fleeing drug wars in Central America is a huge disaster getting worse by the day. Everyone believes someone, usually anyone other than themselves, must do something — fast.

Boehner and the Catch22berry Pie

A few positive things have happened. The semi-functional Senate moved a bill to the House for reconciliation and debate months ago. An unpopular bill for the Cruzarians to be sure, but a bill nonetheless. The completely dysfunctional House, however, refused to negotiate anything or put it up for a floor vote. That doesn’t speak well to a desire to fix a pressing problem even as you scream about.

Instead, the obstructionists want to have their Catch22berry pie and eat it too. Refuse to do anything with the bill they already have, refuse to offer a bill of their own, refuse to allow anything to come to debate or a floor vote, and then complain Obama is single-handedly causing the whole thing. Some extremists are officially floating the preposterous idea that Obama is directly encouraging the onslaught as a nefarious plot for good measure.

Even the House Judiciary Committee geared up their extremely impartial hearing machine yesterday with the, “An Administration Made Disaster: The South Texas Border Surge of Unaccompanied Alien Minors” hearings, the Dishonorable Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) presiding.

That’s Catch 22, Part 1. Part 2 is that someone has to govern in the absence of anything other than obstructionist whining. Traditional Republicans whine he isn’t doing anything while the Tea Party whines even louder to impeach him because neither traditional Republicans nor Obama are doing anything. The general public just wants someone to do something, but Congress has amply demonstrated it ain’t gonna be them.

Obama won the job and got the candy and turds of it alike. Like it or not, he’s left holding the bag because the proverbial buck stops with him. That’s how it works, even if Republicans keep stealing the dollar and yelling it’s all Obama’s fault they mugged him on the way to getting something done. Still, it’s ultimately Obama’s problem and clearly Republicans agree. I disagree on whether they owe it to Americans to get out of the way if they aren’t going to help. I say yes.

So Obama will have to face the immigration crisis armed only with an Executive Order and a pen because there are no other options. His reward will be more whining and maybe a test case for the lawsuit.

The remarkable thing is Boehner isn’t whining for once. For whatever reasons, he’s standing up for his oft-ballyhooed principles and doing something. I think what he is doing is not only wrong and incredibly stupid, if courageously so. But, I admire him for bucking conventional wisdom and trying to control his party’s malcontents even if his efforts are quixotic. Above all, John Boy has finally grown a pair and stopped his unseemly, wet-eyed whining. The silence is golden.

I invite Republicans to follow Boehner’s lead. Stop threatening and own your political agenda. Sue if you hate Obama, it’s your right. Impeach him if you think he has committed a high crime or misdemeanor. Tea Partiers STFU and form a 3rd party if you hate the other two so much. Come on, man up you pussies.

I don’t really care what Republicans do as long as they resolve something. Lawsuits are as good a place as any to start. Boehner will literally get his day in court and the legal system can pass judgement. At least the suit proves who has the better case with the added plus it eventually comes to an end.

So kudos to Great Leader Boehner, I’m proud of him. He’ll take a lot of heat for his decision just as Obama takes a tremendous amount for his. You run for the job, you own the job. No one said it would be easy.

Keep up the good fight Speaker Boehner, it’s not like we’re getting anything else done anyway.

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