Aliens are Another Kettle of Little Green Fish

AliensSome “ufologists” say our sky is rife with massive space ships moving at incredible speeds and burning patches in Mrs. O’Leary’s backyard. I’ve spent thousands of hours flying and rare is the UFO I can’t easily recognize as an FO. I don’t discount that it COULD happen, I’m just saying it HASN’T happened.

Aliens are another kettle of little green fish. Given the infinite number of places for life, I find it nearly impossible to believe we are the only ones. I’m reasonably confident some weird little microbe lives under a rock on Rigel-12. But intelligent life? I’m not so sure.

But who knows? I’m intelligent alien agnostic.

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Papers Please: What’s on the Front of Your Voter Card?

Voting is a scared rightThe GOP has become the GOMP (Grand Old Meme Party). Their memes are multiflorous – Obamacare kills, the IRS continues a plot against conservatives, the government wants to kick down doors and steal guns, and of course Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

One popular meme began when Republican legislatures across the nation introduced a confusing patchwork of new ID requirements that just coincidentally disenfranchised traditionally Democratic voting blocks. Some Republican officials crowed about their shrewd actions by admitting the changes would give Republicans an election advantage.
A meme was born. “Why would anyone object to showing ID to vote?”

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White Man in a Strange Land

In CA, Whites are a MinorityAmerica never was the harmonious melting pot we like to imagine. Newcomers have always struggled to find their place in our society. More often than not, they did it by overwhelming those who came before with the same racism and violence shown to them.

Native Americans, Africans, Italians, Jews, Irish, Asians, and many others took their time in the barrel being denigrated and discriminated against. Some, like Native Americans, didn’t survive the onslaught. Others, like the Irish, and Germans moved from being the evil race du jour to members of the middle and ruling classes.

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