Valentine’s Day: 25 Cards From the Heart or Other Inappropriate Places

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Sure, Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday. But it is romantic and fun and besides, someone has to keep Hallmark in business. Here are 25 cards showing just the right amount of fun and love.

Happy ValentineThe Cost of Valentine’s Day Goes Up Every Year


Tolerate You“Sure, we have a difficult relationship, but be my Valentine anyway”

Virginia is for Lovers“Dear Virginia, there really is a Valentine’s Day”

Happy Valentine's Day Comrade“Be my Valentine, Comrade”

Yoou Look Fabulous HoneyQueer Eye for the Valentine’s Guy

Mend My Broken Heart“Don’t go breakin’ my heart” Be Mine, I'll Wear Pants“Pants! What more do you want?!”

Valentine's Day: Obama Did ItMichelle is on a Diplomatic Mission

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I Love You, You Big Ol' Dyke You“Be my lesbian life partner”

Hey, at Least I Cooked Dinner“Honey, I made a special Valentine’s dinner just for you.”

Never Piss Your Valentine OffThere are Many Days to Piss Her Off, This is Not One of Them

Love is in the Air“I shot an arrow in the air, where it landed is really embarrassing”

No Headaches Allowed“Don’t tell me you have a headache again this year”

You're a Killer Valentine“There is enough evidence that I can get a conviction for First Degree love”

Boxers of Briefs?Boxers, Briefs, or Pantaloons?

Dam You Fine“You satisfy my drought”

Valentine Who?“Just call me the Orkin man”

Be the Pulldown of My HeartBe My Pulldown

Cats Have 9 LovesCats Have Nine Valentines

Broken HeartsSometimes it Really is Better to be Alone on Valentine’s Day

Valentine SextingValentine’s Sexting Carries its Own Unique Risks


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