Obamacare Haters Gonna Hate, Or Do They?

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Most popular Obamacare provisionsObamacare haters gonna hate…or do they? Well, it depends on what hate is.

Overall, Americans are more divided and Obamacare less popular since being introduced — not so surprising since Republicans have tried to repeal it 40 times and are running ads featuring an Uncle Sam with all the creepy charm of the plastic-headed Burger King. Sam is all up in a woman’s vagina like abortion foes that want to stick transvaginal probes up there. But is it apparently OK if a plastic-headed Koch brother wields a speculum.

But the dirty truth about Americans “hating” Obamacare is this: if you separate out the individual portions of the legislation Americans actually like it very much. So much, that many Republicans legislators embrace parts of it, at least until there is another Hail Mary to kill it as part of the debt ceiling debate.

Obamacare Might Signal a Death Knell for Republicans

Most pundits agree this signals a death knell for Republicans, but we’ve heard that rhetoric before. Still, it is dicey enough that conservative hotheads like Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y are beginning to sing that old Bobby Jindal standard, “Let’s Not be the Party of Stupid, A-Doo Wop Wop”.

The truth goes away and the fear comes inKing is turning on the Tea Party’s current Mad Hatter, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX. “Today’s vote is definitely a signal that we have to take more realistic and practical approaches, that we can’t be going off on these false missions that Ted Cruz wants us to go on,” King said. He denounced Cruz as “a fraud” (not the word I’d use, but OK let’s go with it)  and hopes that “he’ll no longer have any influence in the Republican Party.”

Most Republicans aren’t Profiles in Courage. They’ve made Obamacare unpopular through a massive and lengthy display of extortions and outright lies. From the Uncle Sam prostate ad (the vagina ad’s evil twin brother) to false charges Obamacare will bankrupt the economy and stop the improving jobs picture in its tracks, they’ve appealed directly to the rubes who want the government to “stay out of Medicare” (WTF??).

Yet the Republicans, and especially the Tea Party, bills itself as a party of great principles while raking in all the Obamacare benefits they can. They’ve run a better disinformation campaign than the Cold War-era Soviet Union, hoodwinking the public into believing affordable healthcare leads to the oppressive government jackboot the NRA keeps prattling on about. Finally, they hide behind 40 extremely expensive repeal efforts and damage the government’s financial credibility a worthless gambit attached to a critical debt ceiling bill that never did and does not now have a snowball’s chance in hell of working.

Obamacare Will Force Unwanted Fingers Up Our Butts

“See, we voted against the bastards, but those Democrats are just trying to keep us down! They hate us and will force unwanted fingers up our butts…probably without Vaseline and gloves! We’ll be over here cowering behind our spineless speaker if you need us.”

Obamacare is not perfect, as no bill is. But, it needed an honest hearing without the death panels and creepy Uncle Sams. It’s had that and it’s time to move on. There are real problems and solutions aren’t in being professional speed bumps that have lowered opinions of Congress below cockroaches and Nickelback.

So are Obamacare haters gonna hate? If they are Congressional Republicans, yup. That is what they do.

Will voters hate Obamacare? The diehards that wouldn’t know affordable healthcare if it bit them on the ass, or when they get sick, whichever comes first will.

The ones who start paying attention and stop watching weird TV ads with bad production values won’t.

Left with a modicum of truth and decorum maybe we’ll see the last of the incessant, impossible repeal efforts.

If not, I’d hate to see that happen.


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