I’m Not Concerned About Weiner’s Wiener

Story Update (NSFW) Now that’s a shock, The Sydney Leathers Porn Video, Weinergate, Is Here (video)

Anthony Weiner in a TowelI’m not concerned about Weiner’s wiener. That’s between him, the wife, and the wienered whose numbers and names he can’t remember. It’s none of my concern and I don’t think it is anyone else’s either.

I’m not a New Yorker, so I don’t really have a dog in this hunt, but icky behavior aside there are some things I would have a hard-on (if you’ll excuse the reference) about if I were.

First, there is his wife. The woman stood by him even after he continued his questionable behavior. Then, after getting his dangly bits caught in the wringer, he hangs her out to dry by saying it was because of their marriage troubles…troubles he caused by sending his junk into the ether.

Weiner Ego über Alles

True, this is also a private matter, but he would no longer have a wiener if he did that to me. However, his treatment of her shows an appalling degree of two-facedness and disregard for others that should concern voters. If he does this to a woman he supposedly loves, I’d guess his treatment of New York voters might be even worse. Weiner’s ego über alles and damn what anyone else needs.

Second, there is the lying he kept secret until he got caught…again. He said his mea culpas once and vowed to stop (which apparently held the same weight he gives his marriage vows). You get one pass at the ring, not infinity and beyond.

HIs second go round was simply politically stupid — the kind of stupid when one is dishonest and massively egotistical by nature and only sorry they got caught. Not cool and all too common among the ruling class.

Sydney Leathers Almost NudeThird, Carlos Danger continues his defiance despite knowing the political Grim Reaper knocks at his door. He drags the spectacle out by continuing his sleazy, politically inept behavior. He is the political equivalent of a kid with chocolate on his face vowing to Mom he has no idea where the Kit Kats went.

He lives in a long, ignominious line of politicians who destroyed their careers and caused real harm to voters. It doesn’t matter that Larry Craig had a wide stance. It matters that Larry Craig was wearing a pair of the most vocal anti-gay wingtips in history while playing footsie with the cop next door. Hypocrisy becomes no one, especially when you are an asscake to begin with.

Bill Clinton’s DNA Tither and Yon

It doesn’t matter that Bill Clinton spread his DNA tither and yon upon any blue dress that bobbed between his knees. It does matter he lied to the public and even more importantly lied to a grand jury. The BJ wasn’t the problem, lying about it under oath was.

As for the self-revealed recipient of Weiner’s eCrotch, there is no slut shaming involved. She and Mr. Crotchshot sexting with one hand on their iPhones doesn’t matter. From the pictures, Weiner may have a foot long to enjoy if you are into those things and that’s between consenting adults.

I don’t buy Sydney Leathers’ youthful indiscretion defense or her knowingly interfering with another couple’s marriage, but she is not the one running for office. She apparently is also not the one who lied about anything. Slutty (or not slutty) behavior is no one’s business but her own.

Politicians (and “normal” people) fall penis-first into vaginas all the time. That is a sexual thing. Lying or proving your hypocrisy is a political thing.

We’d all be better off to recognize the difference.

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God Hates Fags and the Pink Mass

Teabagging the TombstoneWestboro Baptist church is home to the most repugnant, asshatted, crapweasels around. There is no excuse to invade funerals and other events especially when they have zero to do with Westboro’s reprehensible hate-filled agenda. But a recent “Pink Mass” protest by the Satanic Temple in which protestors teabagged Fred Phelps mother’s grave to support equality for same-sex couples is equally offensive, even for an atheist like me.

Satanists and atheists believe there is no afterlife, so on some level protesting over a grave is academic. Our view is that there is a casket and a dead body. Nothing more, nothing less. The Satanists meant the “Pink Mass” to symbolically change Phelps’ mother gay after death which is a pointless exercise if the “person” in the grave is non-existent.

Pink Mass: Teabagging a Tombstone

Protest is a strong hallmark of our society and no one should prevent it. However, those not involved with the protest have a right to be free of publicity stunts when it has nothing to do with them or their event. If you want to protest, there are better places than a solder’s funeral or a person’s grave – particularly since as far as I can tell Fred Phelps mother Catherine Idalette Johnston died when Fred was five and had nothing to do with his upbringing or his malicious cause.

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LBJ’s Great Society Was a Great Idea

The Great SocietyLBJ’s Great Society was a great idea. Enact anti-discrimination laws and economic reforms to pull the country out of Civil War-ear reconstruction and bring equality to the masses.

How’s that working out for America? Not so well as it turns out.

The reforms weren’t worthless. Racism is still rampant, but lynchings are a lot less common and even middle class, passive racists think the KKK is a losing proposition. That is progress, if by progress we mean a slight dip in rope sales.

Busing, tried to send some of that nice middle class school money to the inner city and failed — but not for the reasons everyone thought. After the initial white flight, things stabilized, but school funding dried up for everyone. Busing was the ancestor of school flight, not white flight. Voucherists want the government to pay them to take their kids out of school and STILL leave poor kids to fend for themselves at the cost of poor public schooling.

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