There Comes a Time for Every Blogger…

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The Family Poobah

Marcia (Wife), Claire (Daughter), and Me at an annual fundraiser for Claire’s Chi Omega chapter.

Some of you have asked, most of you have not. That’s not surprising since the readership of the Poobah has dropped considerably. Life waxes and wanes. That is the way things work.

I’ve been doing this gig for 7 1/2 years. That’s an epoch in blog time. I’m not sure how many posts I’ve done, but it has been in the thousands. I’m not sure how many visitors I’ve had, but it is in the high hundreds of thousands (I even got one from Antarctica once). That’s not bad for a guy with a keyboard and a loud mouth.

My production has dropped too. This is where I should say something about all the fun I’ve had and the close friends I’ve made, and that would be true. But most importantly, this blog has been my friend too. It has helped me vent and given me a new-found respect that an astonishing number of people read what I had to say — regularly — even deeply personal things aside from important (and sometimes unimportant) things that go on outside of me.

If bloggers have a steady complaint it is that life too often intrudes on their writing. Relationships need tending. Jobs get in the way. It’s the way of the world. Sometimes the tumult of personal life and the lives of so many people and so many events  outside just converge and make one tired. I’ve given advice to many a blogger just getting started. I have two pieces for them. Always write for yourself and when it isn’t fun anymore, stop.

It’s not as much fun anymore. These days the idea of writing is more appealing than actual writing these days. The words don’t come and when they do, they aren’t good enough — better a little of something good than a lot of something bad. After all, I can’t rage at the world forever. I always promised myself that when I reached that point I’d stop. I’ve reached that point.

I’m not sure if this is a retirement or a hiatus. Perhaps the spark will return and perhaps not. If you’d like to know if it does, please drop me an email or hit the subscribe button over there. I’ll keep a list.

If this is the last time I post or if this is the last time you stop in, I appreciate your patronage. I hope you got at least a small taste of the joy it’s been for me.

Fellow bloggers, update your link lists.

I’m out of here. See you around the intertubes.

30 thoughts on “There Comes a Time for Every Blogger…

  1. I clicked over from Facebook and thought, “Wow, what weird timing to check in the week he stops blogging (for now).” But, I look at the date and I see that was 6 months ago!! Ha, but not really. I agree with Lisa and miss “the good old days.” Also, I’m trying to harness that old obsessive urge to write into something more artful, but my journaling that became blogging hasn’t morphed into it’s newest thing yet and writing in my work sometimes feels like it squelches the urge to do it creatively. I am grateful to continue our blog friendship on Facebook!

    • I’ve been thinking about making a comeback too, but I seem to be getting lazy in my old age. Maybe being unemployed is giving me too much time rather than not enough.

  2. Wise words there. But on “It’s not as much fun anymore” I would like to say writing is a passion which people do for inspiration, there is nothing like “fun” in it.

    • Yes, writing can be a passion, though not always. I do it for a living and one of the reasons I blogged was to have a little fun and relax. Other times there was passion involved.

  3. I’m in the same boat. I’ll blog when I damn well feel like it. You and I go way back in blog years. Feel like I’ve know you half my life.

  4. Hiatus is definitely good. Seems as though “Twitter” and “Facebook” have replaced blogging. It’s been a tough year for many and time has become even more valuable. When something isn’t enjoyable then it’s time to stop – hopefully, you’ll find inspiration after a well-deserved break.

    Best wishes for the New Year and beyond!

  5. Blogging ain’t what it used to be. Once it was a glorious hodge podge of everything. Now it’s either mommy’s or retirement–neither of which interest me

    I haven’t posted in Courting forever but people are beginning to read it again which amazes me and renders me speechless. Not good for writing.

    Hiatus is good. A good word and a good concept. I hope you’re back. I haven’t been reading blogs in a long time due to I’m really not sure but will think of something

  6. I’ll miss you if you go and decide not to come back. There aren’t enough people who put it all on the table for their readers!

  7. Jack, was it something I said???

    It was great reconnecting with you since I had not seen you since high school in 1972. We hardly knew each other then, and isn’t it a bit funny how blogging and other forms of ‘social’ media (for some it is anti-social media) has brought many of us together in ways that just didn’t scale ‘back in the day’?

    While blogging can be cathartic as well as edutaining, it helps to have your vibe wrapped in a pretty package and your wordsmithing hit the mark. As a conservative neanderthal (or is it a neanderthal conservative???) I have a long way to go to catch up you and your craft.

    Oh, and I vote ‘hiatus’, too.

  8. Oh, man. I have to express my dismay at the demise of your run, but, to be honest, I dont check in here as often as I used to, and so am responsible, to a tiny percentage, for the decline in your readership. I dont do it because you’ve grown any less interesting or relevant, I just simply dont do it. Not just your blog, but all of them.
    I wish we could all recapture the excitement and comradery of past years, especially the heady years between ’05 and ’08 when it seemed like everyone had a blog and everyone was reading everyone else’s, with both sides of the spectrum mixing it up, and everyone commenting on almost everything; but that time and energy seems to be gone. It’s a great loss to the world of ideas and intellectual sharing, but what are you going to do?
    I think the biggest shame, though, is that you transferred over your own domain name, which means that some day you’ll get tired of paying for, and then the backlog of your wisdom will be lost to the future. Maybe it wont make much of a difference to anyone but academics and history grads in the 22nd century, but it’s a loss nonetheless. I’m just glad we connected outside of the blogosphere (even if it is only Facebook) so that you wont be lost in the ether like so many other blogging friends have been.
    So, like John Good, I’m gonna vote “hiatus”.
    Whatever you decide, though, I wish you the best of luck and hope you keep in touch in some way. It has been a privilege reading you and honor exchanging links with you.

  9. Just looking at your blogroll makes me nostalgic for the old days of blogging.

    I understand exactly what you’re saying. I’m there, too. I follow your blog so I’ll know when and if you write again here. In the meantime, my best wishes.