George Bush as an Objet d’Art

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Bush: Man of Leisure, King George

It’s hard to believe, but George W. Bush was once the second coming of the Stupid Messiah©. Legions of dumb-struck followers predicted a legacy of greatness second only to the Gipper. Today, people run from him like the sight of a boil being lanced on Mitt Romney’s wrinkly, pasty ass. But George still appeals to some. They hold him in such great esteem they’ve cannonized Bush as an objet d’art.

Artist Paul McCarthy has immortalized the Dubster in flagrante with a pig and what appears to be a deformed pig, heretofore unknown sea creature, or chupacabra. The piece is done in either mud or shite, which I favor for its texture. McCarthy calls it Static (Brown) and the French just loved it at International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC) opening at the Grand Palais. This is a legacy of greatness to be proud of and I’m sure George the Elder and Queen Bar agree.

Romney: Binders of WomenThis isn’t the first time George’s Bush family jewels have been on display. In fact, McCarthy has portrayed the former Shitkicker-in-Chief before. In Train, Mechanical Bush is a horny dwarf in flagrante with the same pig and chupacabra. However, he wears a jet pack and is mechanical in a wan terra-cotta color. McCarthy has also entertained his disturbing Bushian fetish with the same pig-fu*king pose in both pink, and ironically, blue.

Washington artiste Kayti Didrikson showed a nude  Man of Leisure, King George being served an oil well crown by The Big Dick. Didriksen based the painting on a famous work by impressionist Man of Leisure, King George that hangs in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Pretty high-falutin’ stuff for a good ol’ Texas cowboy who was all hat and no cattle. But then, George always loved high art – like those Presidential Seal boots of his. However, Didriksen does make an historical error since George should be presenting the crown to Dick, symbolizing the true king in the relationship.

George isn’t always nude though. Artist Dan Lacel, Painter of Pancakes, shows Bush cozied up with an Easter Bunny under a gay rights rainbow, symbolizing George’s belief that homosexuals are a mere secular humanist myth. It’s not clear why Lacel didn’t place a pancake on Bush like he does with so many other famous subjects from Barack Obama to Dan Lacel, Painter of Pancakes. The butter sensuously dripping from her crêpe nipples is tres magnifique! So is one of the Pancake Master’s new works featuring Mitt Romney, “with his head held in a scissor lock by a pair of female legs, while he keeps his eye on a pancake which is threatening him with maple syrup.” BTW, don’t miss, Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn & Lindsay Lohan / Volcano Extinguisher either. It portrays, “Barack Obama administering some tough love to actress Lindsay Lohan, whose tears serve to extinguish the recently problematic Icelandic volcano”. It’s truly magical!

Politics and art have so many parallels. The both have more than their fair share of surrealism and Dadaism. They both elevate the mundane – like George – to a more etherial plane. And, they have lots of pretty colors and squiggly, smudged lines. And they cater to audiences with more cash than they know what to do with – just like George.

America! I love this country!

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