Ryan May Have Gone all Pinko on Us

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Mitt Sheds a Tear for the Victims

BOO FRICKIN HOO – “I feel for you victims. It must be terrible to have to take welfare. Now move the hell out of this house so I can foreclose and get the movers in here.”

When Mitt Romney insulted half of America he said he was, “inelegant”. Anyone with an IQ higher than a jelly donut could see Paul Ryan believed the same, but was just too elegant to say it. Yet, lo and behold, it turns out Mr. Ayn Rand is as inelegant as his erstwhile boss. The only difference is he only insulted a third of America.

I fear Ryan may have gone all pinko on us.

The men argue 47% or 30%, depending on the crapweasel you believe is the lesser liar, are takers and not givers. Both men believe people on the public dole choose it as a lifestyle in much the same way the homeless choose to live in filth and piss in doorways. Or as Willard puts it, “…they believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”


Ryan sheds a tear over the welfare state.

Paul Ryan sheds a tear over those damn goldbrickers on public assistance.

Mitt, a world-renown expert on poverty, went on to say the takers, “…believe that, that they are victims.” Then, he simply wrote them off as goldbricking ingrates who couldn’t change if they wanted.

Apparently, not victimizing them is too radical an idea.

Since Romneyan are only brave enough to say these things before sympathetic groups, they are preaching to the choir.  The choir, 2400 of whom are millionaires collecting unemployment, believe that crap. I’d wager that more than 47+30% of them believe it because their only up close and personal experience of poverty is sipping champers in a darkened limo while driving on the safe, faraway edge of a favela on the way to Carnival.

A mind that sees medicine, food, and housing as optional entitlements is psychopathic. A mind that sees people choosing to work three jobs, skip meals, and live in their cars is profoundly ill. By contrast, whining about paying less tax than your average upper middle class family or refusing to discuss your economic recovery plan because it is too time consuming to explain is mere hubris of Rumsfeldian proportions.

Last year, the United Farm Workers hosted a program to place interested parties in the fields alongside migrant farm workers doing stoop labor in the 100 degree sun. The idea was to give folks the chance to see the rigors of that work in person. Shockingly, there were few takers – only one so far as I know, Stephen Colbert. Still, it was a good program. When your head is as hard as the reinforced concrete in Cheyenne Mountain, having the essence of a clue is a good thing.

I’d like to offer Mitt and Paul a similar learning moment. Perhaps they would like to “choose” to live like a “victim” for a day or two to see what it is like. Maybe eat in a meal kitchen or live in a car, and not the Expedition either. Mitt, you can even wear your permapress mom jeans that are as authentic as Obama’s “black” accent.               

If you can stand the heat and don’t leave the kitchen where your third job is a Denny’s short order cook, I’ll be happy to listen to your advice on the poor.

Until then, shut your caviar and champagne holes.

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