The Right of a Person to Laugh Shall Not be Abridged…

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Laugh Campaign 2012

Good on ya’ Mitt. You cracked a joke. I didn’t think you had it in you. You’re usually as stiff as a cardboard cutout of yourself, yet you cracked a joke…and it was funny.

BTW, forget all this stuff about the joke being a nefarious plot. In addition to reasonably good “sing along with the radio when no one is in the car” renditions of Motown hits, Obama brings the funny sometimes too. Who doesn’t remember Obama’s joke about your shameful Sheamus episode? Well, um, other than Barry.

I’m sure it is only happy coincidence that either of you tell pretty good jokes. Judging from the tenor of your campaigns, I don’t think either of you employ joke writers – though sometimes I’m not so sure about your surrogates.

Things are funny for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the truth in the punch line. Birthers are funny in a deranged sort of way. They wouldn’t believe Obama isn’t a Kommunist Kenyan if you teletransported them back to the delivery room. You have to admit, there’s something hilarious about that sort of willful, batshit ignorance. In fact, they are the funniest of all political comedic goats. They are caricatures of themselves. Can we all say, “Dr. Orly Taitz (esq)“?

And your dog strapped to the roof? Best damn sight gag ever. Comedy gold! And, Obama was right to joke about it too.

Look, the country is flushing itself down the crapper. In general, not much is funny these days. People need comedic relief – other than what passes for policy statements anyway. There are far too many sancitimonious dill-pusses who can’t find a scosh of humor in the bleak landscape of their own demagoguery. Maybe if they spent half the energy bringing the funny as they do bringing the vitriol we wouldn’t be neck deep in a Three Stooges sketch involving Curly sinking into a pit of faux quicksand while Larry blocks Moe’s eye-poke by placing his hand between his eyes.

Remember, a laff a day keeps the default away.

With the exception of psychopaths, laughing is a universal human trait. We find ourselves and others funny, even if it is in a nervous titter sort of way. It’s time we reclaim the one, most important right not in the Bill of Rights, “The right of a person to laugh shall not be abridged regardless of race, creed, color,  sex, national origin, or any other reason.”

Remember, somber is easy. Comedy is hard.

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