A Honey of a Honeybucket Tale

Toilet Paper Tail As a young man in the Air Force, I traveled…a lot. I went to all of the continents except Australia and Antarctica, 18 countries in all. I spent months and weeks at a time wandering the world like a flight-bound vagabond. Weekends in Panama, nights on Midway Island during gooney bird nesting season, dinner in Rio and tea and cookies on the Black Sea. I ate cuttlefish in Athens and lamb in Crete and marveled at the exceptional, one-of-a-kind clouds in Madrid. There was good Italian Wine and English shepherd’s pie washed down with a pint or three, even the kimchi in Seoul was delightful, though a little spicy. It was a marvelous, and oddly peaceful, four years. I was a very lucky young man. Continue reading

Bringing Up Baby: Is Marissa Mayers Being Set Up for Failure?

Glass Cliff

DON’T JUMP – Will Marissa Mayers fall from a glass cliff or simply fail like a man?

When Yahoo announced the appointment of Marissa Mayers as their new CEO, news outfits generally handled the story in one of three ways: This was a typical CEO appointment – nothing special other than Mayers taking on an almost impossible task. This was a typical appointment in which they mentioned her pregnancy, but as secondary item. Thirdly, the lede was her pregnancy and the business aspects were of secondary importance.

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There is No True Justice in the Colorado Shooting Case

It Never Ends


In a rare display of common sense and insight, Fox’s Megyn Kelly clearly offered some facts and questioned misperceptions about mental illness as it applies to heinous acts like the killings in Colorado. Over the weekend she repeatedly asked two legal analysts about whether the killer was mentally ill and whether the killer could fake mental illness in order to set up an insanity plea at his trial or as a way to lessen punishment during the penalty phase, providing he is convicted (Remember, despite the overwhelming evidence, he is innocent until proven guilty.). Both guests were steadfast in saying he is definitely not mentally ill and an insanity defense was pure poppycock.

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