Randomness: This One Goes Out to All My Kempsville High Peeps

High school is neither a time nor place, it’s a state of mind” – Frank Zappa

The Horse – Lakeland High School Dreadnaught Band

The Horse Featuring the Percussion Section – FHS Mighty Mustang Band

The Horse – GA Tech Pep Band

The Horse – Cliff Nobles & Co., Rare Vocal Version

Randomness: What the Hell is Wrong With the Japanese?

Sometimes you just have to wonder what the hell is up with the Japanese.

What the Hell is Wrong With the Japanese?


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Poobah Classic: The Case of the Hirsute Thief

Note: The Poobah is out of town for the next few days attending a senior dinner for Claire Koeneman at Cal Poly Pomona. To keep you entertained. Here’s a Poobah Classic from the archives.
There are 8,000 stories in the Naked City – this is one of them

I drove through the pre-dawn streets. The traffic lights cycled through their silent and regular routine, directing dozens of ghost cars to dozens of ghost locations. The street glared with rain and my windshield turned runny from the fat drops. It was weather best described as cheap film noir.

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