Pick a Peck of Pol PACS

PAC PORK? – Pick a Peck of Pol PACS

It’s not new to obfuscate political motives by coming up with ludicrous names for things. Bush the Lesser was a master of the craft. Seldom have these ideological splinters in the ass of the nation been clear enough to figure out just what in the hell they mean.

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Randomness: Hodge Podge Style

Randomness: Hodge Podge Style – Random Goodness for the Week Music, commentary, and senior citzen sex.

Could This Be The New Madonna?

Rolling in the Deep – Japanese Version

Looka Dat Body

Race Has Its’ Privileges

The Cast of Deliverance Plays Hall and Oats

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked it

Katy Perry Kissed a Marine and Liked It – Right Wing Commentary

Straight Outta the Fire Hydrants of Compton

Well That’s Disturbing Not Safe For Work

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Old Posts Become New Again

A virtual archaeological dig in a long lost eCave has revealed several hundred old posts from 2005-2007. These posts cover a multitude of topics like Bush’s Reign of Error, much more Randomness As We See It, and many of my favorite memoirs posts.

Feel free to check in and browse. See the Poobah of old become the powerful deity you see smiting evil today. It’s a revelation.

You may return to your regularly scheduled pictures of cats and parodies now.

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