The Limbaugh Fight: Will the Winner Get an Asterisk in the Record Book?

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The Slutification of America

Let’s get this straight. In my opinion, Rush Limbaugh was wrong. He was wrong in calling a young woman a slut and prostitute. He was insincere, at best, in his multiple apologies. He was wrong – or deliberately lying – about salient information covering contraception.

He’s done this many times before. Yet, the Dittohead Nation always answers the clarion calls to defend him and their other conservative heroes with a scorched earth policy comprised of, “it was those dirty (liberals, leftists, socialists, communists, Nazis, or secular humanists, take your pick) “made me do it” and a series of “heartfelt” apologies that are anything but.

In short, the man is a dog rocket, but his oft repeated claim that Democrats are just as guilty at slinging the mud at him has some validity.

Previously rebuked Don Imus called Limbaugh an “insincere pig“. Liberal talking head Ed Schultz made similar cracks about Fox’s Laura Ingraham, calling her a “talk slut”. Not exactly taking the high road and just as bad as taking Rush’s low road.

This same tit-for-tat, “I never do it, but the other side always does it” argument is rampant in today’s toxic political environment. Politics has become a zero sum game where scorning any sort of compromise is accepted as the cost of doing political business. It’s unfortunate, but not unexpected.

America’s biggest bloviators have honed the art of sneak attacks while hiding behind the other side’s temerity in saying bad things. The point is you poke another kid on the playground in the eye and then deny the whole thing ever happened – despite witnesses and security camera. Though both sides claim the righteousness of taking responsibility for their actions, they really mean everyone but them.

If you call someone a slut, own it. Say, “Yes I did it” or say nothing to start things at all. This takes a disciplined mind, but it also takes a disciplined mouth – something most commentators don’t have.

I take full responsibility for what I write. I frequently say bad things about stupid people, but try to acknowledge that folks of the opposite opinion do stupid things too – like in this post.

My blog may be bombastic, but I try to be open-minded about what other folks feel. I learn a lot from those exchanges and sometimes so do the people with opinions different than mine. Those exchanges rarely change my mind because I believe for a variety of reasons mine are better. The only thing I’m normally swayed by are immutable facts – not opinions about them – that cause me to question my own logic. Agreeing to disagree is a good thing, but truly taking responsibility for what you say is even better.

Let the disagreements begin!

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2 thoughts on “The Limbaugh Fight: Will the Winner Get an Asterisk in the Record Book?

  1. Geez Jerry, I didn’t think it was possible to be a bigger asswipe than Rush. Kudos on your fine performance, that’s not easy to do.

    At the risk of trying to talk rationally to the irrational, there are a number of conservative programs for which I’d rather not pay taxes, tax breaks for churches for example, but I do so because I understand the country would be a shambles if everyone did it.

    Of course your right to spew the vomitous crap you and Rush spew is a First Amendment right I’d defend against anyone trying to take it away from you.

    If I give you the benefit of the doubt and she is a “A CUM-BURPING GUTTER SLUT”, “troop ship condom user whore” with a milking machine vagina, it’s none of your concern. Neither are the butt plugs of lithpping Barney Frank. What they do is their business, not yours. Notice they don’t complain about whatever perversity you practice behind your trailer’s doors (apologies to trailer owners everywhere).

    You sound like a cum-burping, sex fearing asshole to me, but that’s a Constitutional right too and it’s none of my business who’s dick you hang from.

    Jerry, if you care to come back and share your sack of shit for a true debate where you can stick to facts, I’ll be happy to politely oblige. Otherwise, I’ll assume you are just another lunatic, tea-drinking coward that I’ll never hear from again.

    Just sayin’.

  2. If you require as much money as our poor little snowflake Sandra does, I.e. enough $$ to supply a troop ship in condoms for a decade, then guess what: SHE IS A CUM-BURPING GUTTER SLUT! Rush was wrong to apologize. I don’t wish my tax dollars going to party time for that. Her vagina is nothing more than a milking machine. How dare the left hold this whore up. Why didn’t they get barney frank to lithp and whine for government mandated butt plugs?