The Class War Paradigm

Greedy Bastards

One of the few things that garners any bipartisan support these days is that America is embroiled in a Class War. The wealthy are doing OK by their own admission. They just want to be more OKer than they are and are willing to hire lobbyists, fund gigantic super-pacs, shut factories, or buy politicians to do it. Their chant is, “Taxes? Taxes? We don’t need no stinking taxes…you do…and more of ’em too!”

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Rick Santorum, You’re Not the Only One Who Wants to Puke

KEEP THE BARF BAG HANDY – Newt wants to pontificate and Santorum wants to puke. Those marbles rolling around in their heads must have made them dizzy.

Everybody knows Newt Gingrich loves to pontificate, but now he’s decided to simply elect himself Pope – not that you’d recognize it from his public statements.

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Is the Le Leche League Anti-Male?

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When my daughter was an infant I took her to many places without Mom. Grocery stores, restaurants, and even to my auto mechanic to name a few. It was not a rare occurrence for women I’d never seen before to quiz me on where Mom was. Most implied that I was incompetent to handle a child and it was dangerous for me to be out and about without my wife’s supervision. A few didn’t imply, they were angrily emphatic about my child rearing qualifications.

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