Randomness: Random Style

From Monday morning to Newt and the Power Rangers…from Burning Man to Odin’s beer…and Rachel Bilson too. What more could you ask than another tour through the Poobah’s vault for weird stuff.

Poobah’s Tribute to Monday Morning

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Pass the Butter Mr. Gorbachev: The Uselessness of Corporate Personhood


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The concept of corporate personhood was created more than 100 years ago and ever since has been the bane of private citizens. At each challenge judges uphold and strengthen the concept. And the moves aren’t ancient history.

Can you say unlimited campaign financing?

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Indiana’s Tyranny: To Require the Lord’s Prayer

In keeping with the long and ignoble tradition of plastering the Lord’s Prayer on every flat surface in creation, Christians in the Indiana legislature have introduced a bill to require reciting the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of every school day.

I’ve no issue with the Lord’s Prayer itself. I suppose it’s as useful as anything in helping accomplish the bill’s goal of, “establishing character and becoming a good citizen.” But prayers seem a little weak for such an important job and there is no proof it works anyway.

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