I Know How Copernicus Must Have Felt

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NICOLAUS COPERNICUS – 21st Century man.

I know how Copernicus must have felt.  He’s the fellow who first posited that the Sun, and not Earth, was at the center of the universe. For his trouble he was branded a heretic and ostracized by the Catholic church. It turns out Nicolaus was right and the Pope, not so much. It’s a familiar story. It has legs. It’s still happening at the hands of the far right ignorati.

Burying the Copernican Hatchet

I’m not sure some of America is even in the 21st century. After all, the Catholic church didn’t officially bury the Copernican hatchet until 1999. There’s careful consideration of the facts and then there’s a rip in the Catholic Space/Time Continuum. Or just plain denial like many other things, “Johnny, meet Father Bosco. He’ll be molesting you today.”

Across the nation, the electorate keeps putting people in office that are ignorant at best and willfully brain dead at worst. TN State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R), thinks heterosexual people are nearly immune from HIV and the disease reached humans via a gay airline pilot sexing it up with a monkey.

“Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community,” Campfield said. “It was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men. It was an airline pilot, if I recall.”

“Damn you United! Isn’t it enough that you charge us to check baggage?!”

Still, it’s not as if Campfield is alone in his ignorance. No lesser a Far Right-O-Con luminary than Rick Santorum once tried to explain how those filthy homos put us on a sure road to man-on-dog sex (though he denies it today).

As in Copernicus’s day, religion plays a key role in sewing the seeds of dumbassness. The Catholic Church thinks Obama probably wears the mark of the beast and Intelligent Designers think the Earth is 6,000 years old.

Noted Family Research Council crackpot, Tony Perkins, thinks homosexual characters in a Star Wars video game will damn all who play it to hell. Just to be clear software maker Bioware says there aren’t any scum sucking homosexual relationships in the game…yet. So Perkins must be launching a peremptory Iran-like strike against the Dark Side.

The far-right’s fear and loathing of the modern world is astounding. (Oklahoma Is Not OK) State Sen. Ralph Shortey is introducing legislation to keep you from getting an aborted fetus to go with that Big Mac.

“There is a potential that there are companies that are using aborted human babies in their research and development of basically enhancing flavor for artificial flavors,” he said. “I don’t know if it is happening in Oklahoma, it may be, it may not be. What I am saying is that if it does happen then we are not going to allow it to manufacture here.”

The Right-O-Cons Seem Sane…to Themselves

Fear is what makes the Right-O-Con’s positions seem so sane…to them. It is the same fear that says a Muslim who has lived next door to you for decades has suddenly become a jihadist because they asked you to celebrate Ramadan with them. It is the same fear that is driving several state and local legislative bodies to enact anti-Sharia laws.

North Carolina state Rep. Larry Pittman,  is borrowing from Sharia because he’s rightfully up in arms over death row inmate Danny Robbie Hembree’s bragging about how easy life is in prison. No doubt the guy is scum and may deserve the death penalty. I don’t know. However, I’m not sure that hanging is any more beneficial than lopping off a hand for stealing.

“We need to make the death penalty a real deterrent again by actually carrying it out. Every appeal that can be made should have to be made at one time, not in a serial manner,” Pittman wrote in a personal email. “If murderers (and I would include abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers, as well) are actually executed, it will at least have the deterrent effect upon them. For my money, we should go back to public hangings, which would be more of a deterrent to others, as well.”

Some of us look at these cases through the lens of Copernicus’s time. We fear what we do not understand and that fear drags us back into the Dark Ages. The human race has been there and done that.  Now it’s time we check this insane time travel and face the 21st Century instead of acting like a village full of superstitious peasants who believe a beast eats the moon each night.

We owe ourselves better than that or it’ll be, “Welcome to 1473.”

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2 thoughts on “I Know How Copernicus Must Have Felt

  1. This is such a great post. We’re seeing the dissolve of critical thinking. Did you catch what David Frum said about the role Fox News has had in creating an alternative knowledge base (not fact based) for rightwingers? It was very damning. And true. Facts don’t seem to matter anymore. And science? HOAX.

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