Time for Cain to Take a Break and Eat a Slice

OH COME ON! – Herman Cain has his pepperoni in the wringer and is twisting every which way but loose. Herman, sit down, relax, and have a slice.

The Pizza Man™ has his pepperoni caught in the wringer again. Last time it was multiple allegations of sexual harassment, this time it’s a woman claiming a 13-year affair.

Allegations like this happen as often as Silvio Berlusconi changes 17-year old mistresses and these are no different. For good or bad, it’s the cost of doing business in an overcharged, toxic, and hyper-rancorous political environment.

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California: Thinking Long and the Missing Stakeholders

California Flaf

Good Idea - Thinking long is a good idea, but the devil is in the details of how you get it to work.

California, which has a budget crisis that when scaled, is equal to or greater than the country’s has a bipartisan “supercommittee” called the Think Long Committee to  generate ideas for how to get the state out of the mess it’s in. That’s not a bad idea. Undoubtedly, someone should be thinking long.

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Happy Thanksgiving: Eat, Fry, Love

William Shatner on the dangers of Thanksgiving dinner. BEWARE!