OWS: Let the Co-Opting Begin

Flip Floping Romney

FLIP FLOPPER - Apparently Mitt Romney has as much fidelity to his "principles" as John "Flapjacks" McThusela.

Update The demographics of Occupy Wall Street: By the numbers

Opinions are like bandwagons, everybody has one. Almost all opinions have a grain of truth at their core, but you have to winnow through a lot of crabgrass to get to it.Many people like to compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall St. I’m sure it’s a delight for the pundits to debate themselves on innumerable news programs and shout fests, but it doesn’t mean much right now. The situation is simply too fluid to predict where it will go.

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The Day Billy Graham Tried to Sue Me

Bill Graham

Bill Graham Rock Impresario

As a young college lad, I worked several jobs – newspaper production manager, stringer for ABC sports, and writer for my college paper.  As the paper’s Assistant Arts Editor (in a department of 2) I wrote a weekly music column named His Master’s Voice. Think RCA logo with a cute little dog named Nipper. It was a clever name lost on 18 year olds; 30 years after the dogs died and just as RCA began its long march into oblivion. I take solace in not having coined the name myself (my apologies Greg, it just wasn’t how I rolled back in the day).

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Rick and Anita Perry: Whaaaa! You’re Bruitalizing Us!

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Erstwhile First Lady, Anita Perry, stepped in to help her goobulent hubby this week by charging Gov. Goodhair is being “brutalized” because he’s a Christian.

On the surface it’s a laughable claim considering the current GOP field has somewhere between 15 and 1000 candidates on any given day. All of them are Christian (except for those dirty, cross-bred Mormo-terrorists). All of them are conservatives. None of them survive more than a week behind the podium. And all of them have 9-9-9 nutty ideas.

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