Music to Hurricane By


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Parody Canceled, Crackpot Rabbi Blames Earthquake on Gays

God Hates Fags...NOT

HARSHING OUR MELLOW - For the creepily bigoted, it's important to keep the nonsense alive. For these kids and their parents, it's out of the mouths of parents and into the mouths of children.

I had planned a parody post today. The basic idea was simple: Fundamentalist crackpot, Pat Robertson, would announce that yesterday’s east coast earthquake and coming hurricane were caused because of “teh gays”. However, a real pronouncement ruined the whole thing, except that instead of a brain-addled Christian bringing the “funny”, a Rabbi harshed everyone’s mellow.


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The Republicans are a Very Odd Bunch


The one where Michele Bachmann and her lesbian lovers let it all out, Jewel spills the beans about how Sarah Palin broke up their band, and the fine difference between a boner, a Boehner, a tomato, and a ‘to-mah-to’. Continue reading