Pastor Mike is a Back Seat Driver

Disclaimer: I’m a former Christian who is now an atheist. I have nothing against most theists and respect their beliefs – up to the point where they step on mine. However, even in my Christian days I would’ve been appalled by the hubris of this plan.

Bash atheistI’m overjoyed so many religious people are so protective of my soul that they insist upon preaching to me at every chance, attempting to nail the 10 Commandments to every flat surface in America, and being generally pesky with their anti-sharia laws and Defense of Marriage hogswallop.

Pastor Michael Stahl – or “Pastor Mike” – of the Living Water eChurch especially wants to help by entering me in a database called, The Christian National Registry of Atheists, a database to identify heathen atheists, skinheads, cross-burners, etc. No word yet on if he plans a similar Christian National Registry of Muslims.

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Labor: The Pit and the Pendulum

Labor DayThere’s a holiday coming up. It’s…it’s…30% Off at Penny’s Day? Um, how about Toyota Salebration Marathon Day? No, that’s not right. Small Business Entrepreneur Day? Damn! That’s what happens in July. It’s that holiday about working folk. CEO Bonus Week? Unemployment Office Stand-in-Line Day? Nah, ooo, ooo, it’s right on the tip of my tongue…Labor Day!

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The Case of the Hirsute Thief?

There are 8,000 Stories in the Naked City – This is One of Them

I drove through the pre-dawn streets. The traffic lights cycled through their silent and regular routine, directing dozens of ghost cars to dozens of ghost locations. The street glared with rain and my windshield turned runny from the fat drops. It was weather best described as cheap film noir.

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