Rep. Joe Walsh, What About You?

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Rep. Joe Walsh

HOW DID HE DO IT? - Rep. Joe Walsh, an apostle of St. Ronnie of Reagan, managed to get elected even though he's not black. What're the odds?!

Frosh Republican Rep. Joe Walsh – thankfully not related to the musician who’s 100 times more intelligent, even accounting for his heavy recreational pharmaceutical use –  thinks President Care Bear was elected because, “he pushed that magical button: a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt, all of that.”

I’ll concede Obama’s articulate, but if Bush the Lesser had been more articulate maybe we might have understood what he was mumbling before it was too late to stop the moron. Trivially, but as for being black, his census block is marked “mixed”.

But, the guilt?

Is the Race Glass Half Guilty?
I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m white. I voted for him. In fact, I’ve voted exclusively for white men in every election I’ve cast a vote, despite women and blacks running in all of them. I didn’t guiltily (or half-guiltily) vote for him because he’s (half) black, nor articulate, nor particularly liberal. And, my current dislike of him isn’t for any of those reasons either.I’m not happy because I don’t think his policies are very good – but I knew that going in. I also knew that compared to the other jackwads running, he was golden.

I reluctantly voted for him because John McCain showed the critical thinking skills of a ham sandwich in picking his running mate, has a skin thinner than a condom, and panders to anyone whose zipper his arthritic fingers can pull down.

In other words, if Obama won on who he is, McTheusela lost on who he is.

Neither do I think that every person who voted against him is racist, an idiot, or a Nazi (sanity I can’t vouch for). And, I don’t know that he got any more of a free ride from the media than McTheusela either. Media attention waxes and wanes on what pulls in the numbers and that unfortunately changes based on no formula in any textbook I know of (even the ones that tout Creationism).

Never Count on Great Legs to Save the Day
Early on, in fact, the talking heads had Johnny elected before anyone even knew who Obama was. Later, I think you could also make a pretty good argument that the media fawned over Gov. Mosselini based on her inarticulateness and great legs. No one made her speak stupidly. The legs are genetic.

Joe, even if all your charges are true … even if there was white guilt … even if there were black racists and whites as pure as, well, the driven (white) snow … even if there were people who inexplicably liked a person who could talk, there is one immutable fact: you, a white, inarticulate, non-racist, thin-skinned, whining Republican Tea Bagger managed to get elected.

How do you explain that?

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5 thoughts on “Rep. Joe Walsh, What About You?

  1. I think there is an element of white guilt involved. Before I read up on Obama, both from his two books and from other sources, my first thought was, “Maybe I’ll switch sides this once; it would be nice to have a black man in the oval office to make up for the crap whites have put blacks through” etc. Of course, after reading up on Obama, I decided white guilt was not a good enough reason to vote for a man. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for McCain/Palin so I was pretty much decided not to vote in that election. As it happened, events took over and made our voting impossible anyway but that’s neither here nor there as far as I’m concerned. I decided to vote for none of the above.

    This first thought proves nothing about anyone but me but if I, a pretty conservative guy, felt this twinge of guilt that might be rectified in some measure by electing a black — well, half black — man as president, I have to imagine that the same thoughts ran through others’ heads as well. Of course, most of the electorate never got to know too much about the candidates because, well, there was always another episode of Real Housewives of Some Place or Another to watch and politics is just boring anyways. My point is that many may have never gotten past what was my initial thought about Obama.

    Okay, pure speculation on my part about this but that’s my thought process.

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