Rep. Joe Walsh, What About You?


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Republican Rep. Joe Walsh – not related to the musician who’s 100 times more intelligent, even accounting for his heavy recreational drug use – thinks President Care Bear was elected because, “he (was) a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt (thing). Continue reading

Pissing on an Imaginary Tree

Piss on You

URINARY INFECTION - It's bad enough to bark up the wrong tree. Pissing up an imaginary tree is far worse.

It’s de rigueur for small government advocates to carp about government intrusion, over-regulation, or the wisdom of forcing laws down to local levels, sometimes at the risk of being inconsistent.

Inconsistency is bipartisan and a product of trying to solve difficult problems without context or tainted by personal economic preferences or moral beliefs that others don’t share.

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Randomness: Believe It or Not Style

A Tip of the Hat (Dave Away From Home)

Poobahs’ Believe It or Not

Everything I Know About Business I Learned at Trump Univ.

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