A New Pledge of Allegiance for a New America

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We’ve become a nation selfish to a fault.

We don’t want to pay taxes, but we want services.

We launch hate filled screeds about taxes as tyranny, yet don’t lift a finger to stop the steady erosion of real constitutional rights.

We rebel against the idea that health care is a right and then complain about how high the insurance rates of the insured explode from de facto coverage for those who have none.

Social Security is an unfair entitlement to those who don’t use it. It’s what keeps a loaf of bread in the house when they do.

If poor people need help, let them visit the local church. Of course, they’ll be taken care of… if they aren’t gay, or Muslim, or mentally unstable, or any of a thousand other reasons.

Unemployed people are a bunch of lazy goldbrickers living off the public dole. Unless, of course, we become them.

We want to cut taxes to cut a deficit, but want to give more tax revenue to businesses who pass it along to shareholders with nary a job created.

It’s only a matter of time…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Me, and to the republic which only I want, one person, among millions, and selfishly, with as little liberty and justice as possible for anyone who disagrees with me.

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3 thoughts on “A New Pledge of Allegiance for a New America

  1. Joseph,
    I agree with some of your points, but the post wasn’t about the specifics of each point. I blog about those all the time and usually find after a good debate that no one takes either side completely. I chose my examples because those were the ones I find most objectionable.

    The fact that we can agree on some of them is a good start to becoming less elfish as a nation, and that’s a good thing.

  2. My only complaint: You generalize way too much.

    I’m unemployed. I’ve taken public assistance in the form of food stamps.

    Do I gripe about the stuff you mentioned? You bet your bottom dollar, but I want to see the system changed so we don’t need food stamps. Social security? It was never meant to be part of the budget (thanks to Bill Clinton, it is) but a separate thing funded by deductions, not any other way.

    Want real change? 100% paycuts for all politicians at all levels. It used to be an honor and matter of civic duty and pride to serve your country as an elected official. Let’s see if we can get back to that (100% of all current politicians from the state level on up are already wealthy to one level or another to start with).

    Then let’s move on with cutting out the Dept. of Education, under whose leadership America continues to fall behind as they foster an entitlement, nanny-state mentality amongst parents who refuse to take more than a passing interest in their child’s education.

    Then there are those burdensome regulations that are about to regulate the small-business owner right off the map. Of course big corporate lobbyists would love this (and to think otherwise of 99.999% of the corporations out there is delusional).

    Want to bring down the cost of insurance (all, not just health)? Start removing requirements for insurance companies and feeding into the mob’s entitlement mentality. Health care is not a right (and no, I do not have insurance of any sort).

    There is a whole laundry list of solutions to the things that ail this country. Get ride of the Department of Homeland Security and instead secure everyone’s 2nd Amendment rights. Offer government-provided training in how to disarm someone with a freaking BOX CUTTER. The government cannot protect you all the time and obeying the bad guy just gets you dead 9 times out of 10.

    Make frangibles more affordable and allow guns on planes only if this type of round can be proven to be loaded into the weapon. Think it will result in more deaths? Only while in the hands or care of the irresponsible or those who don’t know better. They’ll quickly learn, though. Sure it won’t stop a bomber, but neither will stripping our liberties while they strip us at the airport. Whatever happened to “Live free or die!”?

    You want to see an end to selfishness? Quit encouraging it. Want to see an end to the need for welfare? Quit regulating businesses out of business. Want to see people take home more money and the price of goods go down? Repeal the mandatory minimum wage and let employer and employee (or even unions, though in the age of the mandatory minimum wage they are all but unnecessary) negotiate for a fair day’s wages. Those who are poor workers will either be soon out of a job or start working harder and not be such poor workers.

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