Don’t Do Unto Others As They May Decide to Do Unto You

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Guns and Bibles

GUNS AND BIBLES - Ameican Christians like to howl about their persecution, but it's hard to feel their pain. Having control over almost all political posts, have unlimited money and influence, and can demonize and run rough-shod over others, it's not's the Tyranny of the Majority,

American Christians are quite vocal in the belief they’re oppressed, but it’s hard to feel their pain. They’re the overwhelming majority in this country. Virtually every member of every legislative body and every elected representative is Christian. Their lobbies are as potent as any on K St. The government funds them by not taxing them. They routinely work to defeat bills clear majorities want and that deprive citizens – sometimes other Christians – of their civil rights.

If that’s oppression, sign me up. It sounds like a sweet deal.

However, there are persecuted and oppressed Christians. For example, many countries have real zero tolerance for anything other than their God and prophet. They sometimes force Christians from their homes, turn them into refugees, or kill them.


NO MEA CULPA - If the Pope thinks Christians are the most oppressed instead of the oppressors, he should take his next vacation in Baghdad. BTW Your Holiness, don't forget the up-armored Popemoblie. The Natives are restless.

Meanwhile, American Christians busy themselves with important issues like the proper etymology of Christmas v. Holiday. Living in their secure homes and working in their secure jobs they feel it’s their God-given right to rewrite history books, let pedophiles escape unpunished, or denigrate science because it doesn’t completely jibe with their Bible.

There’s no doubt the intolerance against Christians in countries like Iraq is awful. It’s the tyranny of the majority directed against the few. But except for the degree of modern persecution (the Christians don’t exactly have a bloodless history either), how is that any different from the tyranny of the American majority against the minority here?

I’m not a Christian and I’m sure there are many Christians who’d argue I have no right to an opinion about their religion. However, I’d point out that by the same logic, Christians have no right to an opinion about Islam or me or Druids. But, they never seem shy about exercising the same freedoms they seem unwilling to share with anyone other than themselves.

It is the Christian Sabbath, the last one before the holiest of Christian holy days. Whether you call it Christmas, the holidays, or Festivus, it seems like a good time for Christians, indeed everyone, regardless of religion or the lack thereof, to borrow the concepts of peace and harmony espoused in the Bible, the Quran, and most other religious texts in the world.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Do Unto Others As They May Decide to Do Unto You

  1. Nancy and Oudiva,

    I’m with you both. I’m an atheist and I try to understand everyone’s point of view, including Christians. But this whole, I have it tougher than you thing drives me crazy sometimes.

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  2. The whole War-on-Christmas nonsense is a tempest in a teapot. I’m a Christian, and I don’t understand the objection to “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” (I’ve gotten – and sent – Christmas cards with that on them for DECADES). If you want to give me a good wish, I’ll take it; I don’t care how you phrase it. Persecution?! I was in church yesterday, and nobody in jackboots was standing at the door with an assault rifle taking names or shooting people. Nobody’s shipping Christians off to concentration camps in cattle cars. Nobody’s kicked my door in and confiscated my Bible and prayer book.

    Jesus is called Prince of Peace for a reason: He requires us to love EVERYONE. No exceptions. No religious litmus test. No shoving our ideologies down other people’s throats. Love. Period.

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