Randomness: Religious Crackpotery Style

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Jumping the Bear

Presented Without Comment

Religious Crackpotery

The Artsy Fartsy

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Inspector Gadget Gets a Hard-On

Listy Goodness

Those Crazy Japanese

Beware the Machines

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2 thoughts on “Randomness: Religious Crackpotery Style

  1. There used to be a guy who offered Magic Prayer Cloths. The idea was supposed to be that when the laying on hands part of his show came on, you could press it against the screen to be cured from cancer or to walk again, or what every mallady you had/.. And best of all, only $19.95!

    Maybe not $7,000 in your pocket, but being cured of cancer? Priceless.

  2. Watched the video about getting a check for $7,000. I was all excited hearing about the miracle spring water. When I looked to see what number to call to get mine, I found that someone had blacked out the number. What a bummer! I could really use $7,000!