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Canadian Water Polo

LONDON 2012 CALLING - The Canadians are convinced their women's water polo team can do for that sport what it did for curling. Click photo >>

Too Much of a Bad Thing Makes You Go GagA

They Blinded Us With Science

The Triumph of the Capitalist Will


Geeks With a Traveling Show


    SEXUAL HIJINKS - Perhaps Larry Craig was telling the truth that he really is heterosexual. Click photo >>

    Researchers discover a new syndrome, “quadratit” .

  • Finally, there’s hope for those who couldn’t find their scrotum with a flashlight.
  • Obama thought he needed a new plan to bail out underwater mortgages, then the light came on…Octomom and remained on!
  • Laaaadeeees and gentlemen, let’s give it up for…Jerkin for Money! Not Safe For Work
  • Yet another reason the West never really had anything to fear from the Soviet Union.
  • Some of these people shouldn’t be into cosplay or any other kind of play for that matter.
  • He felt the power of a thousand men, then discovered he left his pants at home. Needless to say, the whole thing then fell apart. Not Safe For Work
  • Colin was really proud of his motorcycle gang, “Hell’s Scooters“.
  • It turns out Padit was right to be sceptical – Sanal really couldn’t kill him.
  • Rush Limbaugh’s voice might kill beetles, but snakes in the grass use it to stimulate breeding.
  • Beatrice had some impressive skills, unfortunately she could find absolutely no use for them.
  • Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more gekccos.
  • Ah one, and ah twowa, and ah…hey! Does anyone have a burrito handy? A Tip of the Hat to Bill Straub (Bill “Jersey” Straub)
  • When you worship Britain’s Prince Phillip, you should question the role of religion in your life…but Camilla Parker-Bowles is an entirely different matter.

Crimes of Witless Passion

It’s Not Just the Japanese Language That’s the Barrier

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Papal Infallibility Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

WATCH OUT JOHNNY - The sex abuses in the Catholic church must stop.

With the number of abuse cases at the hands of the randy hobbits of the Catholic Church, it sometimes seems as if every altar boy in the western hemisphere has been touched, pinched, chased around the sanctuary, or introduced to a smidge of priestly BDSM on the down low.

A handful of these cases would be outrageous, thousands of them intolerable. Yet, the Church continues to stonewall investigations and do little or nothing to the priests involved. I don’t think harboring them in secret and periodically moving them to a new parish so they can groom a new crop of tender young lads is exactly what Jesus would’ve done.

Sorry, Our Bad
But now, the Pope his ownself is implicated in keeping the problem secret and perhaps lying about it. Meanwhile, his church is fracturing while his earthly minions protect his vestment-swaddled rump instead of doing right by their flock. His response?  Sorry, our bad.

That whole papal infallibility thing is a sweet deal when your impiety is showing, eh Ratzie?

The Pope may believe he’s above the fray and that somehow being God’s personal PR man on Earth makes it OK. I get the whole contrition thing. After all, that’s how the church justified keeping the abusers under wraps. Hate the sin, love the sinner – victims, apparently, need not apply.

Unfortunately, sins don’t have the same concept of  “special circumstances” as secular justice does. If ever cases begged for something extra to be tied onto the Big Sins, it’s these. Children (God’s I presume) were abused, sometimes repeatedly. Their abusers lied about it. When caught, the church covered for them. When the number of cases reached critical mass, Vatican leaders – up to and possibly including the Pope – covered for them and worsened the effect to the power of 10.

The church seems to be racking up the charges like some loon on America’s Stupidest Car Chases.

How about the hypocrisy? The church preaches that homosexuality is a sin and that sex is only to procreate junior converts for the fold.

What About the Victims?
And what of the victims? They’ve been sentenced to emotionally scared lives without – unlike their abusers – the possibility of parole. They must endure opening themselves up to ridicule and having their legal claims denied or suffer in silence rather than invite the wrath of the Holy See.

TIME FOR CONFESSION - Hate the sin, love the victim.Where’s the outrage? Former Senator Rick Santorum, an allegedly pious Catholic, suggested that “man on dog” sex would result if sodomy laws were repealed and homosexuals conducted their sex lives as they saw fit. I haven’t heard him speak out about the priests. Are only secular homosexuals indictable under this sin Rick?

What about Catholics? Don’t parishioners have an obligation or at least desire to make the church a better, more loving place? If the Vatican refuses, can’t individual parishes give them a place where they can receive kindness and love rather than a hand on their crotch?

What about protestants? They aren’t taking to the streets to protest the Pope’s actions. They should remember that the next time they feel obliged to preach at Muslims for being evil because some of their number are bomb-toting idiots.

Right now, the Vatican is operating more like a political party than a church. The spin goes on. The “Heckuva job Ratzies” are being broadcast.  The Vatican’s damage control is the same as the Bush Administration’s after Katrina (and I don’t mean the physical kind either) – bad. The Pope and other church officers must stand up and take full responsibility – financial, moral,and spiritual. They need to resign and fight for the justice due the victims.

Your Holiness, you’d better act soon, before it’s too late, or you’ll not only suffer God’s wrath, but the temporal world’s as well.

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It’s Painful, But Rush Is Right

He Told You So

WHEN HE'S RIGHT, HE'S RIGHT - Most things Limbaugh says are indefensible, but sometimes even serial liars are right. It's a pain to admit it, but this time he was.

There are fewer or bigger pompous gas bags than Rush Limbaugh. He’s top dog in the pantheon of charlatan hucksters. It’s sometimes difficult to believe he’s telling the truth even when he signs on and identifies himself as, well, Rush Limbaugh.

But, every nimrod has his day. And on this day, Rush was quoted out of context.

Responding to a specific question about where he would go for treatment if health care reform passed, he said, “I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country (for treatment). I’ll go to Costa Rica.”

To hear many news and commentary outlets tell it, his original quote only said, “I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.” Rush is pissed, as well he should be…in this specific instance.

I have no doubt that much of what he says is patently untrue or grossly exaggerated. I have no doubt he’s more incendiary than almost anyone else on the air. In fact, he frequently quotes out of context himself, leaving him looking disingenuous at best and a serial quote maker-upper at worst. But when the guy is right, he’s right . When news and commentary sink to Rush’s sub-basement level of truthiness they damage their credibility, and by extension, the credibility of anyone who has ever sighted those outlets as sources or argued for fairness on this behalf.

However, the many outrageous in-context lies he spews are no excuse for the left to pummel him when he’s caught being right.

Based on Limbaugh’s disputed quote, one enterprising group started a collection to Flush Rush down to his Costa Rican capitalist paradise – which, BTW, has honest-to-goodness government health care that is far more “socialist” than Obamacare.

In fairness, he said he would see a private doctor down south of the border too. However, he didn’t explain why he’d need to do that when Obamacare doesn’t outlaw private doctors here. He also forgoes an explanation about his ability to jet down to the Rich Coast when nearly all the people directly affected by Obamacare aren’t members of the Cuban stogie, cheese and wine crowd.

I’m all for attacking the crapulent bastard when he deserves it. I’m even in favor of the good folks over at A Ticket for Rush, if for no other reason than he’s more menace than good-faith dispenser of truth. Besides, the money goes to Planned Parenthood if Rush – not unexpectedly – decides the comforts of home outweigh the pleasures of a trip to the Land of Ecotourism.

So mea culpa Rush. Everyone can go back to ridicule now – provided you have a good, honestly-quoted reason.

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