Why Does the Right Hate America?

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During the reign of King George the Lesser, anyone not wearing a flag, waving a flag, wrapping themselves in a flag, pledging allegiance to a flag, or being out of direct sight of a flag was a traitor who hated America. No exceptions. No room for reasonable debate. Just, “why do you hate America?”

IRONIC NEO-HATERS - Former ultra-patriots have flip-flopped now that the electoral shoe is on the other foot. One man's question is another man's hating America.

IRONIC NEO-HATERS - Former ultra-patriots have flip-flopped now that the electoral shoe is on the other foot. One man's question is another man's hate.

Of course there were other reasons to be banished from the country of your birth. Question a civil right being trampled by bullies quaking in their boots over a second-rate videographer in a Pakistani cave and you were unpatriotic. Ask why a war was conducted in the most disgraceful and incompetent manner in history and you were allegedly out to personally shit in every soldier’s mess kit in the Middle East. There were a million reasons to be declared American non-grata, large and small, but you’d never know it by those same people’s words and actions today.

Rep. Steve King (R-Stupditstan) calls for an uprising against the American government. He calls it a Velvet Revolution ala the Czech uprising, but the end result – given his druthers – would be the same…a coup.

Capitulate to the Will of the American People
“Fill this city up, fill this city, jam this place full so that they can’t get in, they can’t get out and they will have to capitulate to the will of the American people,” King said. Asked if this situation (health care reform) is like Czechoslovakia, King said, “Oh yeah, it is very, very close. It is the nationalization of our liberty and the federal government taking our liberty over. So there are a lot of similarities there.”

It seems a bit odd that a US Congressman – a sworn representative of the American government, a man who loathes those who don’t recite the Pledge, and wears a flag lapel pin with OCD-like repetition – is calling for a “revolution” in America.

Why oh why, Rep. King, do you hate America enough to revolt?

Since their favorite missing idiot returned to his village, flag-waving Texans – including their governorare talking succession. If you’re willing to tear your state off the US map, you must hate America with a special, religious fervor. And if you use the logic they used until a year and a half ago, it would be treason to refuse saluting the rebel flag of the Republic of Texas now.

Texans, why do you hate America?

Hot Bed of the Neo-Hate America Crowd
Texas is a special hot-bed of the Neo-Hate America crowd. The Texas Board of Education launched the second most damaging thing to come out of the Texas School Book Depository since 1963 – a revised history text that recognizes only conservative dogma, Christian religion, and grants Jefferson Davis equal footing with Abraham Lincoln. They even erased some of Thomas Jefferson’s writings because he coined the term “separation between church and state” – by which, of course, they mean Christians only. Jews, Muslims, and and especially atheists need not apply.

Texas, you must really hate America to change its very history, but you are only the tip of the America-hating iceberg.

Tea Baggers from across the nation are joining the right-wing hate America movement too. They “stormed” the United States Capitol today set on running through the halls of Congress and clogging offices (well, the Democratic offices anyway). Couldn’t that be called an insurection?

Others who hate America include the Va. Attorney General, who believes his President is a Kenyan on an on again-off again basis. Sen. Lindsey Graham, considered by some to be a “moderate” America-hater, accused the Speaker of the House of liquoring up Democrats for a Kamikaze run at America.

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning hates America so much he’s already seceded. He’s seen fit to obstruct the nation’s important business by representing Canada, and not America, from the floor of the US Senate.

During the Nixon administration, many of these same people called themselves the “Silent Majority”. However, they weren’t completely silent. They regularly offered advice to those who disagreed with them. “America, love it or leave it.”

I’d offer the same advice to them today, but I won’t because I love America.

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9 thoughts on “Why Does the Right Hate America?

  1. We have just experienced a curious confluence in which a right wing coalition of economic libertarians who wanted only self regulation for big oil, big agribusiness, big banks, big hedge funds, and big everything…. , grifters, big and small, who just wanted something for nothing, and the government seemed like a good place to get it, those who just wanted to disrupt the function of government for a variety of reasons, many not very idealistic, and those who wanted to regulate, but only to control or punish the social and personal conduct of their enemies, then there were also included some gun worshipers and UFO crazies.

    It is impossible to form a government that actually provides good governance with such a witches brew, and sane people didn’t expect it. That there are still many of these anti government nit wits in place, consciously embedded by small violations of civil service rules over the span of 8 years, is also no surprise. Their cousins, outside of government who were frustrated the George II and Cheney the Impaler did not completely crush or corrupt the government, are now claiming to be “patriots” wanting to take their country back, to secede, to ignore any part of the Constitution that protected somebody else’s rights, and to re-interpret, it and all historical records to fit the mythical narrative the have made up to justify their current folly.

    Of course they hate. They hate the facts that do not fit those narratives and they hate people who bring up those facts and, most of all, they hate those (especially minorities, sometimes including women) who exemplify the the history of their maltreatment by those “patriots.”

  2. Maybe the problem is simply that politicians have discovered that they can control more effectively with PR spinning than they can with common nuts-and-bolts political compromise-and-exchange. It’ll probably take a generation to get over this, the effect lessening as people who grew up eith this crap (and so can ignore it) become the majority. No doubt, by then there will be some new method of avoiding actual political work and punching your opponent in his (metaphorical) head instead.

  3. Actually, I think both the right and the left love (their own vision of) America and hate (the other side’s vision of) America. Even Texans’ wishing to secede is probably motivated by the opinion that their own vision of America, which they love, is hopelessly lost, not by any hatred of America itself. I really wish partisans could get past calling the other side names: Nazis, fascists, socialists, communists, traitors, etc., used in the sense of simple, non substantive pejoratives, as it gets the discussion nowhere and just solidifies the opposition in its unwillingness to give a fair hearing to the other side(s).

  4. It seems a bit odd that a US Congressman – a sworn representative of the American government, a man who loathes those who don’t recite the Pledge, and wears a flag lapel pin with OCD-like repetition – is calling for a “revolution” in America.

    But what’s more American than rebellion? 😛 We’ve had at least two in our history: the colonials rebelled against the British and the south rebelled against the north. I remember something about the tree of liberty requiring occasional nourishing with the blood of patriots. It’s not about hating America; it’s about hating some people’s vision of America: at the moment, primarily the visions of Obama, Pelosi and Reid et al. They just happen to be the one’s in charge right now. Besides, it’s not a violent revolution being called for; it’s more of a civil disobedience revolt.

    Mind you, I don’t think it would be likely to work, anyway. The only thing that will stop the health care reform bill now, I think, would be a SCOTUS ruling that the resolution maneuver or some major component, such as the mandate to buy into the insurance exchange, is unconstitutional on its face and the SCOTUS is, I think, unlikely to touch such a politically charged issue, no matter how conservative the court might be. The Supremes simply do not look behind the signatures representing the bill as being passed in both houses, no matter how unconstitutional the trickery involved in getting to said passage.

    Mind you, I’m not saying the maneuver is unconstitutional. I’m not qualified to make such a call. I’ve read legal experts argue both sides of that question. I’m just saying, its (hypothetical) unconstitutionality is likely to be a moot point.

  5. They hate Amerika because a black man is in the oval office and Congress is controlled by the Democraps…these facts really give them a mental meltdown.

  6. There has been an exceptional comment storm on this post from over on Gather.

    A few points:

    — Both of you bring out some striking examples of asshatery, but they’re not all of them by any means.

    — Both sides complain the media is unfair to them, which it sometimes is. Other times, frankly, not so much. The media are only as good as your interpretation of what they say. For example, it is one thing to see a report that the right or left did something. It’s another to see only one source of that information and then believe only the parts you agree with. In Communications 101 the cardinal rule is that ciommunication is a two way street – the source sends it, you interpret, and if need be, you return for more information if you don’t understand it or believe differently.

    That’s the point of a blog. You say what you want. People read what you say. They can either agree, disagree, or bring a fresh perspective. That model breaks down whenever someone on the road wants to dive in only one lane regardless of their direction.

    — There have been countless stupid things said and done on both sides of the aisle. Much is pure horseshit that comes from one perspective, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t at least a part of it that’s true or that you deserve to be hammered for because you think it is horseshit. Personally, I think this is more of a problem on the right than the left, but then that’s informed by my opinion. I know it’s hard to believe, but I may be wrong 🙂

    Having said that, I’m thankful for people like you guys, Craig, and some others who stop by often and bother to leave a comment. I don’t always agree with what people say, but I hope I’ve tried to hear you out. If not, I failed.

    But then, failure is my middle name 🙂

  7. I’m always surprised at how effective the Republican propaganda machine is. They can get away with literally anything and never be un-American. When the left complained about the Darth Vader’s comment that we “fight with the army we have”, it was cast in terms of not supporting the troops. When the left points out this paradox they’re painted as cry babies. Its a clear double standard, and I suspect the left is just going to get criticized no matter what they say. I’m reluctant to advocate mirroring the wing nut vitriol, but allowing the other side to completely control how the message is interpreted just isn’t working.

  8. It would probably help if the “liberal” media didnt always seem to gravitate towards telling the story of America only from the perspective of these idiots.
    Or maybe the problem isnt really rampant partisanship, but rampant vitriol from the Right, and reasonable refutation from the Left. Unfortunately, refutation is boring and bad for ratings(or so the excuses go). So maybe the Democrats need to cut loose a bile-filled fire hose of their own. Will the press report it as anything other than hate-filled rantings of the”losing” party? Not Faux News, that’s for sure.

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