Curse You Father for You Have Sinned

It's All Your Fault

THE SEXY LITTLE SCAMP DID IT! - The Vatican and it's apologists are doing everything possible to blame someone else for rampant sex abuse by priests. What's next, blame the victim?

Catholic League President and Vatican apologist, Bill Donohue, has stepped into the church’s molestation scandal to make things worse, as if they weren’t bad enough already. With the Pope’s mitre caught in the wringer, Donohue took a page from the Karl Rove political playbook – blame everyone except yourself. Catholicism has officially become a “no fault” religion.

Donohue’s “logic” about responsibility for the crisis is tortured at best. He starts the finger pointing with the New York Times (why is it always the media’s fault) for calling the mess a “pedophilia” crisis. His implied logic is that most of the victims were post-pubescent. Does he believe it’s somehow less of a sin to molest someone who shaves regularly than to play grab ass with a kid who’s still in elementary school? I’m sure all those victims, including the post-pubescent kids and adults who were molested, will be greatly relieved to find out they weren’t “abused” after all.

Oops, our bad Mr. Pope sir,” they’ll surely say. “Now that Mr. Donohue has explained it, I guess it wasn’t molestation at all. Father Damian just took off my clothes and read me Bible stories. The sodomy afterwards was just his way of saying AMEN.”

But the New York Times and post-pubescent kids aren’t the only bad guys. As with many things in society, the gays are also at fault. “While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay,” he said.


So, if being gay isn’t a sign of predatory behavior, why is it important that most of the molesters – or predators as he calls them – have been gay? I’m not seeing the fine distinction between a run of the mill “molester” and a “molester” who “preys” upon victims.

Priests Gone Wild

The only thing missing are the Mardi Gras beads.

Furthermore, the Catholic Church considers homosexuality a sin. If priests – supposedly good role models for the people they minister – are committing sins, why would Ratzie continue to let them represent the church? If a priest denounced the Pope as an ugly, dangerous crapweasel with flamboyant fashion sense, I’m guessing there would be, pardon me, hell to pay…although, I would reward him for his honesty.

In fact, why is the Catholic Church investigating itself at all? Child molestation – or rape for the over-puberty set – is against the law. Why are the molesters being protected and aren’t those protectors guilty of conspiracy? If secular police aren’t going to enforce these crimes, are they going to ignore someone who kills a parishioner during morning mass?

Donohue’s explanations are about as logical as Creationism. If anyone is guilty of a sin, Donohue, the Pope, and his personal ring-kissers are right up there with the molesters. So riddle me this, if homosexuals aren’t predators, but can be molesters, couldn’t grown men dressed in white muumuus, dripping gaudy jewelry, and wearing funny red hats be called homosexuals – especially when they show all the self-loathing homophobia common in closeted homosexuals?

“Curse you Father for you have sinned.”

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Ball Gags and Congress: Legislating Morals is Stupid

Do It, Do It, Do It Till You're Satisfied

ONE'S AS BAS AS THE OTHER - Sexual scandals hit both parties equally. This time it's Michael Steele and the Republicans, next week it will be a kinky Democrat with the self control of Tiger Woods or Jesse James.

Update Shameless self-promotion for my post  At the Tipping Point Between Free Speech and Deadly Speech. The Hartford Courant gave it a shout out and made some excellent points on the same topic. They also expanded the use of one of my favorite words, “crapweasel”. You can’t ask for any more than that.

Now, back to today’s post already in progress.

Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House, once said, “all politics is local”, but in today’s heated and converging political grudge matches it’s also correct to say, “all sexual politics is local”.

Gay marriage? Some states are on the bandwagon. Some steadfastly refuse. Others are rethinking previous positions and ballot initiatives on the issue. Meanwhile, gays flock to states to join together in unions that some men still try to put asunder and wait to see if their own states will recognize what they’ve done.

One step forward 1.5 steps back as they say.

Gays in the military? The Obama administration is finally thawing their tepid policy to pay back an important political chit donated by most of the nation’s gays – though not as fast as they’d hoped.

A Homophobic Teddy Roosevelt and His Rough Riders
The pro-discrimination side charges the San Juan Hill of the issue like a band of rough riding, homophobic Teddy Roosevelts. Even the Joint Chiefs and other top brass can’t agree. Ex-General John Sheehan accused the Dutch army of genocide in Srebrenica and blamed it all on “the gays”. He now finds himself apologizing over the international incident under threat of a lawsuit.

Change of heart? Don’t be surprised if it’s merely a case of hypocritical mega-embarrassment and big legal bills.

Over on the other side, the Secretary of Defense is loosening restrictions. Other generals are jumping aboard a bandwagon most other industrialized nations are already on and there is growing support in the electorate.

Many of those opposed to sexual rights – like South Africa’s electric probe wielding, alleged gay soldier-curing “Dr. Shock” – are clearly as full of sexual self-loathing as Ted Haggard. But ironically, the latest hetero sex scandal is a good illustration of how gender and politics frequently try to occupy the same place in America.

Elephant DildoA Republican National Committee staffer treated some Young Eagle donors to a night of bondage a-go-go after an official RNC event. That’s pretty heavy stuff from the party of running away from regular sex like the plague, then jumping into a private jet (probably on loan from a bank or insurance company) to escape kinky sex. Gay sex? They take a rocket to the closest toilet stall.

Young Eagles Take Flight on RNC Dime
Personally, I don’t care if Young Eagles like the occasional ball-gag or lesbian flogging session. It’s their business to choose what they do in the privacy of a strip club. I also don’t care that the RNC spent money on it, except to the extent that it helps show a pattern of hypocrisy – oh, and because it makes fools of them too.

The Whitest Black Man in America, RNC “leader” Michale Steele, claims he knew nothing about the incident and fired the staffer as soon as he found out. Good. They guy should be fired.

However, because Steele was at the helm he should also accept responsibility to do like every other business in the nation does and instruct employees to not  be $2000 worth of strip club stupid. Other Republicans are emerging from their undisclosed locations where they’re hiding from the hypocrisy to flame the unpopular Steele. This may be the straw that breaks his back.

Let’s face it, both sides have these incidents. Both sides hide their embarrassment, but ignore it long enough to go do the same things as soon as the scandal du jour blows over. Both sides demonstrate the stupidity, critical thinking skills, and general ass-hattedness of Tiger Woods or Jesse James. Sooner or later idiotic behavior catches up to them – usually in horrific embarrassment, divorce, and career ruination.

Ye reap what ye sew.

These examples happen to be Republican, but Dems shouldn’t cackle too loudly. They’ve been caught – and will continue to be caught – in similar situations. The nation has its hands more than full with real problems and can ill afford to spend so much time trying to legislate moral issues. Sex should concern no one other the folks doing it.

It’s time to leave TMZ to embarrass the knotheads if they persist in being ignoramuses and keep our noses out of it.

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Randomness: Tipping the Hat Fantastic Style

The Gum Wad That Ate Venice

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